PlayStation 3 Production in Japan Ending Soon

PlayStation 3 Production in Japan Ending Soon - News

by William D'Angelo, posted 6 days ago / 8,042 Views

Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan announced PlayStation 3 production in Japan will be ending soon. The 500GB model is the only one left in production in Japan and the official page says "shipments are scheduled to end soon."

The PlayStation 3 launched in November 2006. 

Thanks Gematsu.

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Areym (5 days ago)

Sony don't fuck around when they say their consoles have a 10 year life cycle.

BraLoD (5 days ago)

Will still use mine for a looooong time.

oniyide (4 days ago)

I'm still buying games for the damn thing

GOWTLOZ (2 days ago)

Yes me too.

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GameAnalyser (5 days ago)

i have my 2008 40 GB model...kicking ass yet.

bonzobanana (5 days ago)

Great console especially for the select few games that are designed from the ground up to run on the hardware and look amazing.

SuperNintend0rk (6 days ago)

Wow I didn't realise the PS3 launched 3 years after the PS4 lol

trunkswd (6 days ago)


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Signalstar (6 days ago)

Correction: The PlayStation 3 launched November 2006.

trunkswd (6 days ago)


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exclusive_console (4 days ago)

My fav console.

GOWTLOZ (2 days ago)

PS3 launched in 2006 and ends production in 2017. Wii U launched in 2012 and end production in 2016. I write this to give some perspective.

Knitemare (4 days ago)

Maybe this means they will start working in PS5 D:

Qwark (5 days ago)

So Sony finally stopped producing their biggest flop in playstation history. The games on it where fantastic though, but hardware wise and profit wise it was a shipwreck.

greenmedic88 (5 days ago)

I think the Playstation Vita wins that booby prize.

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Knitemare (5 days ago)

Still sold more than 360 at the very end. But yeah, it almost wrecked PS division.

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oniyide (4 days ago)

i bet the others wish for a flop like this.

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leyendax69 (4 days ago)

Psv probably didn't cost them money and was actually profitable given the memory cards+strong digital shift. PS3 was not a flop obviously, but it wasn't the success they expected, especially early on its life

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Rob5VGC (4 days ago)

@leyendax69 100 million sold or flop. That is in regard to PS home consoles due to the bar being high.

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Qwark (4 days ago)

The PS3 was financially a far bigger flop than the Vita it did vaporize the complete profits of the PS2. Vita didn't nearly cost as much to develop nor was the hardware sold at big losses.

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leyendax69 (3 days ago)


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Seventizz (5 days ago)

Good riddance. I know I'll get flagged for trolling, but my ps3 is probably the worst console I've ever owned. It was loud, updating took forever, I've been hacked twice, and the games were nothing fantastic to my taste. It's mainly why I've sworn off the PlayStation brand. Rot in your box.

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monocle_layton (3 days ago)

cool story. We all definitely enjoyed the amount of effort put into this post

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AlfredoTurkey (3 days ago)

He didn't like the console, no need to down vote the guy for it. The world isn't all candy and rainbows people.

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