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Pokémon Sun and Moon the Most Pre-ordered Game in Nintendo History

Pokémon Sun and Moon the Most Pre-ordered Game in Nintendo History - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 27 October 2016 / 7,846 Views

Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon are nearly a month from release and it has already broken two records. 

It is the most pre-ordered game in Nintendo history and is the most downloaded Nintendo 3DS demo ever.

Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon are due out November 18 in North America and November 23 in Europe for the Nintendo 3DS.

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StriderKiwi (on 28 October 2016)

And people said Pokemon Go wasn't going to have an influence on Sun and Moon's sales...

S.Peelman (on 28 October 2016)

Pokemon Go was definitely a good idea it seems. Interested to see what will happen when Super Mario Run releases.

Oneeee-Chan!!! (on 28 October 2016)

OMG ! Ryng_Tolu didn't tell a lie .

Ryng_Tolu (on 28 October 2016)

I never lie :p

  • +1
Ganoncrotch (on 27 October 2016)

Hype! Gotta catch um all again in Christmas 2016, Such a great franchise.

Hiku (on 29 October 2016)

People who think this is because of Pokemon Go are sorely mistaken. It's clearly due to Exeggutor's aloha form.

FragilE^ (on 29 October 2016)

Got any numbers? Or am I missing something? A report like this falls very flat without numbers :/

Nem (on 27 October 2016)

Going to definitly get it, but not feeling the urge to pre-order. The demo was good, as expected though. I'm not a big fan of the anime though, so Ash-greninja didn't exactly get me teeming with excitement.