Nintendo Force Magazine Announced, Available January 2013

Nintendo Force Magazine Announced, Available January 2013 - News

by Brent Galietti, posted on 25 December 2012 / 3,795 Views

Recently, the legendary gaming magazine Nintendo Power published its final issue, culminating its twenty-four year run of covering Nintendo games and culture. Many a tear was shed as the magazine that captured the hearts of many gamers was sent to pasture. However, Nintendo fans will now have a new magazine to peruse: Nintendo Force magazine.

Nintendo Mass times Acceleration

Nintendo Force is a new magazine project announced this week. It is a collaboration project featuring many different members from gaming media sites such as Destructoid, IGN, GoNintendo, and Nintendo World Report, as well as artists ingrained in Nintendo culture. Nintendo Force is advertised as “a spiritual successor, in every way possible” to Nintendo Power.

Details on its release and how to order the magazine are not yet available, but the magazine’s Facebook page suggests we won’t have to wait long – a January 2013 release date is listed. Both physical and digital versions of the magazine will be available, according to Nintendo Force's Twitter feed. It also states that all proceeds from the sale of Nintendo Force #1 will be donated to charity.

Source: [Nintendo Force Magazine]

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