$199 PlayStation 3 Launches in North America

$199 PlayStation 3 Launches in North America - News

by Nick Pantazis, posted on 19 August 2013 / 2,673 Views

Sony's 12GB European PS3 SKU has been released in North America for $200, and it's available at many retailers in the US and Canada. Sony launched the platform a year ago in Europe bundled with Skylanders and Wonderbook as a "family friendly" option. 

The model's miniscule flash-based storage space leaves less than 10GB for games after firmware. This means that those of you planning to buy some of the PS3's biggest games may want to look elsewhere, as mandatory and recommended installs of 4GB and greater are common on the platform. Indeed, the upcoming and much anticipated Grand Theft Auto V will have an 8GB mandatory installation. 

Those interested in a more reasonably priced bundle will be happy to know you can still buy a 500GB PS3 bundled with a game for $270. 

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