Skyrim Memory Breakthrough Means Epic Battles

Skyrim Memory Breakthrough Means Epic Battles - News

by Patrick Day-Childs, posted on 20 January 2014 / 13,325 Views

Many of you may have dreamed about having huge battles in Skyrim. Well now that may be a reality. Skyrim as we know it accesses memory blocks of 256MB but an ENB forum user has discovered how to get it to utilize more memory. We understand it's likely to be capped at 4GB because it's a 32-bit game, but even so accessing memory blocks of 1GB instead of 256MB opens the game up to amazing possibilities.

Now I'll be honest here, I'm not a great techie, so this stuff can go a little over my head. But reading through NeoGAF's thread on the subject they seem to come to the conclusion that Skyrim can now feature over 300 NPCs on screen.

But this kind of power comes at a price, the post disclaimer states:

"This patch will require your first born and a pint of your blood.

What bad can happen when Skyrim uses more memory without tripping over itself?
Fried Hardware maybe? If anything bad does happen then it is your problem since I already got your firstborn and I do not care. This information is provided as is. I am sharing it because I am hoping a large part of the community will benefit from it. Take it or leave it."

We don't need to point out that the opening is a joke, but the important part is understanding that this is all done at your own risk. If you wish to continue and take part in a Skyrim meets Lord of the Rings style battle, then you can read the instructions here.

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