Disgaea 4 Brings its Humor to Vita with Notable Improvements

Disgaea 4 Brings its Humor to Vita with Notable Improvements - Preview

by Karl Koebke, posted on 25 July 2014 / 3,299 Views

NISA have been on a porting spree for the Disgaea series, so whenever one comes out on console you can bet it won't be too long until a new and improved version is released, and Disgaea 4 is certainly no exception. I got a chance to try out Disgaea 4: A Promise Revisited for PlayStation Vita, and from playing the first couple of hours it seems like everything I enjoyed about the original is still in-tact and complimented by some noteworthy additions.

My favorite aspect of the Disgaea series is its humor and that remained untouched in Disgaea 4. Valvatorez's love of sardines and pathological need to maintain the promises he makes regardless of their consequences and the contrast this makes with his servant Fenrich's ruthlessness is fun to watch and the cast of characters that eventually joins up with these two is just as hilarious. It should go without saying, but if you haven't played Disgaea 4 yet but enjoy a little bit of comedy mixed in with your strategy games then you should definitely pick up either Disgaea 4 or A Promise Revisited.

While the presentation remains roughly the same in A Promise Revisited, the gameplay sees several changes. The cheat store, which was introduced in Disgaea D2, has been added to this version of Disgaea 4. It allows you to easily and quickly adjust aspects of your playthrough, such as the difficulty of enemies and the amount of experience or money you get from defeating them. This is a welcome improvement as it's a far less cumbersome way to change the game's difficulty than that exhibited in previous games; hopefully all Disgaea titles from now on will include it.

Another set of additions that I was pleased to see are new base skills for creatable characters. These include a damage spell for healers that actually uses their healing power to kill enemies and makes it far easier to level up this character class than is usually the case. There are also some new higher level skills for every weapon class, which is great for more dedicated players. There are also more cameos of previous Disgaea title characters - something fans always love.

If you haven't gotten around to playing Disgaea 4 yet then this is probably the version you should buy - thus far in the playthrough I've only seen improvements to the original title in this Vita port. On the other hand, if you've played Disgaea 4 on the PS3 already then you'll have to decide if some new cameos and skill animations make it worth re-purchasing for the Vita. Either way, here's to the inevitable announcement of Disgaea 5.

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