Star Wars: The Old Republic Made $165 Million in 2013, World of Warcraft Remains the Biggest MMO - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 21 July 2014 / 5,267 Views

Bioware's MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic remained one of the biggest MMOs in 2013, according to a report on GamesIndustry. The game was originally subscription based, but later a freemium option was added.

In 2013, the game earned $165 million in revenue worldwide. That number includes subscrptions, sales from expansion packs, as well as microtransactions. This makes it the fourth biggest MMO in terms of revenue.

The biggest MMO in 2013 was World of Warcarft which had revenue of $1,041 million. This is a 36 percent marketshare. Lineage 1 made $253 million, TERA: Online earned $236 million and Lord of the Rings Online $104 million.

The total number of people subscribed to MMO has decreased every year since 2010. In 2010, there were 30.6 million subcsribers to MMOs, while in 2013 it dropped to 23.4 million. The drop in revenue has bee partially offset by more payment tiers and microtransactions. In-game transactions has doubled in the last five years.

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S.Peelman (on 21 July 2014)

D*mn WoW still earning over a billion dollars a year. Insane.

benji232 (on 21 July 2014)

How much did WoW generate in 2012? Is 1B$ a lot compared to it's previous years?

DakonBlackblade (on 21 July 2014)

I dont know how much it made in previous year but damm 1 billion is a lot for a 10 year old game. Id be grinning from ear to ear if I was one fo the creators of WoW, what a incredible gold mine this game is.

  • +1
Baalzamon (on 21 July 2014)

Based on the significant decrease in subscribers, one can only assume they are down substantially from last year.

  • +1
FujiokaMidori (on 22 July 2014)

I guess A Realm Reborn is too young to be put into the list? I mean... we are over 2 Mill people, but granted... game was just released last August. And 1.0 doesn't count cause it was BAAAD.

kdognumba1 (on 21 July 2014)

SWTOR is still alive and kicking. Granted I hate their payment models, the freemium model on it is just plain bad, but it's good to see it hanging in there. Goodness, WoW is bustin heads big time though.

naruball (on 21 July 2014)

Just wanted to point out a typo (in case you want to fix it). "The drop in revenue has BEE(n) partially..." As for the news, I'm quite surprised they're still making so much money. Every single person I know who used to play MMO's has stopped quite some time ago. Then again, maybe I'm getting older and their audience is teenagers or men in their early 20's.