Pokémon X / Y Sold Out in Japan Ahead of Release - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 10 October 2013 / 12,311 Views

Pokémon X / Y is not only the biggest 3DS release this year, but more than likely the biggest exclusive. In Japan pre-orders have topped 1.26 million units. The game has also nearly reached 400,000 pre-orders in the US in its final week before launch.

David Gibson has Tweeted that Enterbrain has announced that Pokémon X / Y has already sold out in Japan ahead of its release this Saturday. He also mentioned that Monster Hunter 4 is still sold out, however the release of Pokémon X / Y will help boost sales.

"Enterbrain - JP retailers saying MH4 is still sold out, Pokemon X/Y already sold out ahead of launch and MH4 will benefit (users buy both)," Tweeted Gibson.

Pokémon X / Y is set to launch worldwide this Saturday, October 12.

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Michael-5 (on 10 October 2013)

How were Nintendo and Capcom not ready for this?

Nem (on 11 October 2013)

- Double post -

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Nem (on 11 October 2013)

What does capcom have to do with it?

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happydolphin (on 11 October 2013)

I think he's referring to limited supply. Anyways @Michael, sometimes limited supply is a good thing for making a product desirable, especially after so much has been sold. Also, it's not always easy to predict how much to ship, often you end up with too much physical content than can be stocked. I don't have FW sales numbers of other pokemons but I believe these numbers are record-breaking, for Pokemon FW and for MH legs.

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orniletter (on 11 October 2013)

dem digital sales !

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irstupid (on 10 October 2013)

Best thing about digital these days is that there is always a way of getting a game. Don't have to worry anymore about it being sold out.

the_dengle (on 10 October 2013)

Expecting a good ratio of digital sales as well.

Screamapillar (on 10 October 2013)

Never been more excited to see sales charts in my life. This tops Black Friday for me. Obviously I'm only speaking of Japan. 3DS won't really explode in sales in the west until closer to Thanksgiving.

Michael-5 (on 10 October 2013)

Why does this top Black Friday? Pokemon sales are going to be restrained, which kinda kills the joy. If you want to know how much it sells in its first week, see how many units shipped.

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happydolphin (on 10 October 2013)

The sales on this game in Japan are going to be glorious.

Nem (on 10 October 2013)

So, our game is releasing october 12th! Yaay! Except... we got no copies anymore. L2Pre-order. :P

Bajablo (on 10 October 2013)

That's pretty sick, gonna be fun to see how much it sells before the year is over :)

Moonhero (on 12 October 2013)

Yes... 500Million copies by the end of the year... Yes...Yes...

Meret (on 11 October 2013)

Japanese pre orders already bigger... They Are at 1,56M as of 6/10. Epic!

AIAS (on 10 October 2013)

Already have my copy. Booy'A...

happydolphin (on 11 October 2013)

4 trolls thumbed this post down.

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happydolphin (on 11 October 2013)

4 trolls thumbed this post down.

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