Indie Developers Need a Publisher to Release Games on the Xbox One - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 22 May 2013 / 3,777 Views

Matt Booty, the general manager of Redmond Game Studios and Platforms, has told Shack News that independent developers will not be able to publish their own games on the Xbox Live Arcade. They will need a publishing deal with Microsoft Game Studios or with a third-party publisher. Only games published on the Xbox Live Indie Games will be exempt.

"As of right now, yes," said Booty when asked if developers will need a publisher to release content onto Xbox Live. "We intend to continue to court developers in the ways that we have."

"I would also expect that for this new generation, that we're going to continue to explore new business models and new ways of surfacing content," he added. "But Microsoft Studios is a publisher that works with a wide range of partners, as do a lot of other people, to bring digital content to the box."

Microsoft is the only console maker that doesn't allow self publishing. Sony and Nintendo allow developers to publish their own games onto their networks.

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gigantor21 (on 22 May 2013)

*facepalm* You've got to be kidding.

Goddbless (on 22 May 2013)

Hasn't it always been this way with MS when it comes to XBLA?

  • +1
Teriol (on 22 May 2013)

LOL this xbox is looking worst and worst hahahah

y2jarmyofficial (on 22 May 2013)

Like allowing any ol crap to be published is a better plan

  • -1
Muffin31190 (on 22 May 2013)

WAT !?!?!

r3tr0gam3r1337 (on 22 May 2013)

now we can see why shares in sony have skyrocketed, microsoft closing the doors to small indie game developers while sony nintendo google and apple welcome them with open arms.

scat398 (on 27 May 2013)

That is simply not the reason at all, indie development makes little money, in fact it is generally a loser one of the reasons ms is making sure that their model actually works to make money.

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