Survey Shows PlayStation Vita Most Desired Console in Japan - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 22 January 2013 / 7,123 Views

The PlayStation Vita has had a slow start, however things may be changing Japan. A survey conducted by Japanese magazine Famitsu shows that Japanese consumers are more interested in purchasing a PlayStation Vita in Japan than any other platform.

64 percent of the people surveyed are interested in purchasing a PlayStation Vita. 48 percent are interested in purchasing a 3DS and the newly released Wii U sits at 34 percent.

Looking at the seventh generation consoles the 25 percent of people surveyed are interested in purchasing a PlayStation 3, 11 percent are interested in the Xbox 360 and nine percent are interested in the Wii. 10 percent are interested in the PSP and five percent want a DSi and DSiXL.

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Mr Puggsly (on 22 January 2013)

We all want a Vita. Just not with its current library and price.

Runa216 (on 22 January 2013)

I fail to see what's wrong with its library, but I agree the price needs to be lowered.

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mushroomboy5 (on 22 January 2013)

Without any information about how the poll (ahem) survey was conducted this story is pretty meaningless...

Ganoncrotch (on 22 January 2013)

Agreed, the poll might have been taken from owners of 3ds..... of which 48% would buy another one rather than a vita...

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Mensrea (on 22 January 2013)

Sales don't lie.

Michael-5 (on 22 January 2013)

if 5% want a DS, and DS sells 500 units a week in Japan, and 10% of people want a 360, which sell 1,000 units a week, then does that mean that the demand for Vita only meets 6,400 units a week? Who the heck is buying a 3DS if the demand is lower then Vita's? Do people don't want to buy 3DS's, but are force to by a Giant Evil Riley terrorizing the streets?

Metrium (on 22 January 2013)

This survey means NOTHING. If it was representative, it would mean that the 360 will outsell the PSP in 2013. What a joke.

Nem (on 22 January 2013)

This is the case. Its not a representative study and shouldnt really be a news piece, as much as a poll here in the forums isnt.

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RedInker (on 22 January 2013)

So why is the PSP outselling it?

V4V3nd3tta92 (on 22 January 2013)

Well the Vita is the "Most Desired". I guess it's like saying "I really want that but I can't afford it/ I'll wait till it's cheaper". The PSP is far cheaper than the Vita and has a much larger library of games, hence why it's out selling the Vita. But this survey looks promising for the Vita in Japan, it shows they do have a lot of interest in the handheld and sooner or later sales in Japan will boom for it.

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Ganoncrotch (on 22 January 2013)

Ferrari would be the most desired car.... How you reckon they sell against Fords? :D

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chidori-chan2 (on 23 January 2013)

And 3DS 4:1 in japan lol

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Majora (on 22 January 2013)

If they desire it so much why don't they buy it?!

platformmaster918 (on 22 January 2013)


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the_dengle (on 22 January 2013)

This suggests that the Vita will sell 33% better than the 3DS in Japan in 2013. Meanwhile in reality...

Cobretti2 (on 22 January 2013)

Chances are that the 64% already have a 3DS and now desire a PSVITA. 10 million sales vs 1 million sales isn't hard to see why PSVITA is desired more when less have one.

gigantor21 (on 22 January 2013)

Market share is the only survey that counts, as far as gamer opinion goes.

TrentDarko (on 22 January 2013)

most people i know wants a vita but the library for the vita isnt so good. I have a vita that i might trade in soon because there are no great games announced . All the games on the vita are beatable. It take less than eight hours to beat each game on vita. The longest games on vita are persona 4 golden and gravity rush. The 3ds has games that are fun to play for a long time. Sony should take advantage of this. SInce they know most people want a vita they should brainstorm what went right with psp. They need a GTA game for vuta, Monster Hunter and Final Fantasy

Runa216 (on 22 January 2013)

How is the vita's library not good? It's got a really good crop of new IP's, original titles, ports, remakes, and backwards compatible stuff from PSP and PS1. The Vita is awesome.

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BluGamer23 (on 22 January 2013)

Sony make.believe

SwansVanTerif (on 22 January 2013)

This is the desire of an extremely small, hardcore, Japanese section. All factors considered, I'd estimate that this will translate into sales on more than 50%, but when you polled section represents only a few million people, that'll result in sales not even capping a million to these people, and is largely irrelevant. But it does show that the hardcore Japanese gamers, have high intrest in the Vita, which probably has a lot to do with the stong golden years the PSP is having in Japan. They expect for this to be a Japanese centric machine for the hardcore, and I think they might get their wish.

Araknie (on 23 January 2013)

No source, don't care.

itsyounghavok (on 22 January 2013)

In the game world it isnt the thought that matters, but the purchase

hsrob (on 23 January 2013)

I'm sorry but the only thing this proves is how utterly meaningless surveys are.

chidori-chan2 (on 23 January 2013)


Deyon (on 26 January 2013)

Do you guys actually think that they asked all the Japanese people ? They only asked a small number of people who have a 3DS,PSP,PS3,360. and are planning to get a Vita sometime.

ryuzaki57 (on 23 January 2013)

It means Famitsu readers are interested in VIta's 2013 line-up. When those games are out, sales will pick up.

maximus22 (on 24 January 2013)

I don't know why anyone wouldn't want one. I haven't wanted to put mine down since I got it for Christmas. If the library bulks up a bit more, I could see Vita sales exploding.

EdHieron (on 23 January 2013)

They'd better get to buying them. It needs all the help it can get.

SMACKDOWNER (on 23 January 2013)

Consoles are pretty much dead in japan.Handhelds and tablets are what sales as far as gaming.I say after next gen consoles will be dead there.Which they should be just a waste of money and time.America on the other hand home of the consoles

Ganoncrotch (on 26 January 2013)

projecting the failure of one system onto everything?

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