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Alternative Names

ディシディア ファイナルファンタジー


Square Enix



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Release Dates

08/25/09 Square Enix
12/18/08 Square Enix
09/04/09 Square Enix

Community Stats

Owners: 356
Favorite: 16
Tracked: 7
Wishlist: 28
Now Playing: 18

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Ghost Passwords

Enter in friends menu to unlock ghosts

AK6ATR7ECD8N --> Unlocks Aaron

MAPE5REPE4T5 --> Unlocks Ahriman

LAXBU6GRA4U --> Unlocks Bash

PASS3SU433KA --> Unlocks Behemoth

P2KET4DTCW6 --> Unlocks Cait Sith

CH4D9EN3A3TE3 --> Unlocks Death Machine

SF5AUS5WUJ39Y --> Unlocks Fusuya

GU3RK3UG4AMP --> Unlocks Gilgamash

M8ATK2TCPAYA --> Unlocks Matoya

MR3ZNNGXU72P --> Unlocks Ming-Wu

H4NA53NJRE9 --> Unlocks Ninja

8TA9CQQTAC --> Unlocks Oltoross

6C6M6E6G6A6 --> Unlocks Omega

RJAGH5UE6NA7 --> Unlocks Ragna

6A3K2A538TS --> Unlocks Red Wing

SME4SA39SFAH --> Unlocks Seifer

469J3ELEVENWS --> Unlocks Shantotto

FGR3ET5KKJC --> Unlocks Siegfried

A3NASX6UXT7 --> Unlocks Steiner

VTS3RAPLVKE3 --> Unlocks Vivi

WRKA3KUMKRA --> Unlocks Wakka

PASS3CH3GC45 --> Unlocks Yuffie

Password Effect
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Shipping Total

1,900,000 Units
As of: December 31st, 2017

Opinion (99)

Marth posted 19/01/2020, 11:51
Japan: 1M
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BasilZero posted 31/01/2012, 12:37
Final Fantasy Dissidia is a fighting consisting of characters from the first 10 main franchise titles (I-X) and includes some additional characters from XI and XII. The game includes a unique battle system that combines RPG and fighting elements. Both fans of the FF series and fighting fans will surely love this game. With a total of up to 20 characters with 2 additional characters, players may customize their characters with equips and techniques making different combination of attacks possible. Along with that a very long storyline with all sorts of twists and turns never before seen. Fans will surely live the nostalgic life when playing this game. The sound effects and music are revitalize in this game and graphics are clear and crisp. Fans will surely enjoy this perfect fighting RPG classic. 10/10
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Galvanizer posted 04/01/2011, 09:53
Good sales for a PSP game.
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-girgosz- posted 11/12/2010, 06:13
Hope it hits 2 million. great and very addicting game.
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9087 posted 07/11/2010, 09:26
Good sales for PSP, they should bring it to PS3
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Wagram posted 18/05/2010, 01:40
Best fighting game ever made IMO. It was actually fun for me!
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