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Ubisoft Montpellier



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11/18/12 Ubisoft
12/08/12 Ubisoft
11/30/12 Ubisoft

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ZombiU - Summary

For the second time in history, a great plague has enveloped London in a fog of death. Big Ben tolls as hundreds upon thousands of the unprepared die or are infected by a sickness worse than death. You are still breathing for now, but how long will you survive in the Labyrinth of London through the streets waiting to prey on your living flesh at every turn!

Zombie U is built from the ground up exclusively for the Wii U system and its revolutionary Wii U GamePad controller that will test your will to survive in a fear-fueled zombie Survival Horror First Person Shooter. So grab hold of the Swiss Knife of survival kits - your GamePad and make every second count; you only get one chance. Stay human, we are a dying breed


  • Two screens = twice the fear - feel the tension mount as you try to keep an eye on your TV and Gamepad screen.
  • Survival-Horror at its best - resources are in short supply while your enemies are legion; you never know when you will find more weapons, ammunition, first aid and food. Use them wisely!
  • Don't leave home with your B-O-B - The new GamePad becomes your Bug-Out Bay; the ultimate all in one survival kit for your tools, inventory, med kits, maps and more.
  • Unique death mechanic - if you die, you wake up to play an entirely new character who is another survivor in the same terrifying position. You will want to recover your old BOB, now worn by the last character you played.... Who is now a zombie!
  • Survivors vs Zombies - an adversarial multiplayer mode where one player take over the role of King of Zombies (top-down view) spawns enemies and springs traps with a simple touch on the GamePad; while a second player (first-person view) fights for survival with the Classic Controller.

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1 n/a 41,965 n/a 9,165 51,130
2 n/a 12,000 45,303 5,339 62,642
3 12,497 7,001 20,505 2,759 42,762
4 4,229 7,398 15,514 2,546 29,687
5 3,061 8,235 13,546 2,612 27,454
6 2,337 5,938 8,609 1,813 18,697
7 2,513 2,843 4,681 902 10,939
8 1,136 1,874 2,847 580 6,437
9 1,152 1,269 2,274 414 5,109
10 1,126 1,401 2,083 431 5,041
xboxonefan posted 16/01/2018, 05:46
840k now adjusted
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fedfed posted 29/06/2016, 10:32
I wonder how many digitals have been sold given the various massive reduction on the Nintendo e shop!
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KrspaceT posted 09/06/2016, 07:39
You know, I feel this game's issues were not just the system. A bad game that damaged the Wii U signifigantly, not the least harming Rayman.
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fedfed posted 03/05/2016, 12:19
1 mil! Finally - good to see this stable yony!
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FloatingWaffles posted 19/04/2016, 10:15
It's nice that it finally hit a million, but it shouldn't have taken 3-4 years to do so. Not to mention all the price cuts it most likely had during that time, so i'm not surprised Ubisoft didn't make a profit and ported it to other consoles.
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Illusion posted 17/04/2016, 07:04
Great sales. I will never understand how Ubi couldn't make a profit on this game.
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