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11/15/05 Sega
11/23/05 Sega
11/18/05 Sega

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Sonic Rush - Summary

SEGA's popular blue dude with a 'tude, Sonic the Hedgehog takes high-speed action gaming to a whole new level. The fastest hedgehog in the world is now pairing up with a mysterious character named Blaze the Cat. This dynamic duo heads out in search of the powerful and dangerous Sol Emeralds to ensure that they do not fall into the wrong hands. In their quest, Sonic and Blaze must battle all-new enemies, and as they do, ripple effects will change the events of their worlds' inhabitants.

Sonic Rush takes full advantage of the dual screens on the Nintendo DS system to deliver an action-packed adventure with dizzying dives, near-vertical curves, extreme jumps, brain-twisting loops and more! This 2D game features 3D visual effects, which give Sonic Rush a totally unique look. Sonic himself is also modeled in full 3D.


  • Fully utilizes Dual Screens. Long steep dives, super high jumps, huge loops and more look spectacular on the Nintendo DS.
  • Sonic pairs up with a new female lead. Play as either Sonic the Hedgehog or Blaze the Cat – a queen from a different world and protector of the 'Sol Emeralds'.
  • Parallel universes collide. Journey with Sonic and Blaze on two separate adventures that intertwine. The storylines and outcomes will differ, keeping you in suspense while doubling up on the fun!

Shipping Total

3,000,000 Units
As of: December 31st, 2017

Opinion (27)

b00moscone posted 31/03/2015, 09:31
Hey SEGA, remember these times? When you knew what you were doing? (Great Game)
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thewastedyouth posted 06/05/2013, 06:12
LOL been looking at the Japanese sale numbers for a lot of Sonic games, NO ONE buys sonic games in japan wtf!
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zwei posted 22/01/2012, 11:05
The developer is Sonic Team & Dimps, not only Dimps
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atma998 posted 21/07/2011, 02:48
3.03M and third best selling Sonic game ever!
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sep85dd posted 24/12/2009, 09:56
sonic hd have big numbers in Japan, look at sonic adventure or sonic the hedgehog 2 on genesis...
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sep85dd posted 07/11/2009, 09:28
hits 3 m in a few weeks.
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