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Open-World Exploration Game Outbound Announced for PC

Open-World Exploration Game Outbound Announced for PC - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 12 February 2024 / 2,193 Views

Developer Square Glade Games have announced open-world exploration game, Outbound, for PC via SteamKickstarter campaign for the game will launch soon.

View the reveal trailer below:

Read details on the game below:

Outbound is an open-world exploration game set in a utopian near future. You start with an empty camper van and turn it into the home of your dreams. Build and explore at your own pace. Scavenge materials, craft, automate production, and build in and on top of your vehicle with modular parts. Advance in technology and efficiently use energy to power your home. Adjust your strategy to adapt to new landscapes and changing environmental conditions.

Source Energy

Fuel your electric camper van with energy from the sun, wind, or water.


Build your moving base with a modular building system. Customize your vehicle with paint, decorations, and furniture to create your own perfect cozy place.


Create gardens to nurture delicate and delicious plants and mushrooms. Eat them raw or cook them first to refill your needs.

Craft and Automate

Craft workstations and tools from resources around you. Upgrade, connect, and automate to produce more complex parts.


Explore a colorful open world with a variety of biomes, resources, and secrets to uncover.

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