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PS5 and Xbox Series X|S Sales on the Rise - Worldwide Hardware Estimates for Oct 24-30

PS5 and Xbox Series X|S Sales on the Rise - Worldwide Hardware Estimates for Oct 24-30 - Sales

by William D'Angelo , posted on 08 November 2021 / 6,434 Views

The Nintendo Switch was the best-selling console with 422,515 units sold for the week ending October 30, according to VGChartz estimates. The Switch has now sold an estimated 93.71 million units lifetime.

The PlayStation 5 sold an estimated 288,491 units to bring its lifetime sales to 13.88 million units. The Xbox Series X|S sold 184,341 units to bring their lifetime sales to 8.43 million units.

PS5 sales compared to the same week for the PS4 in 2014 are up by over 23,000 units, while the Xbox Series X|S compared to the same week for the Xbox One is up by nearly 14,000 units. PS4 sold 265,020 units for the week ending November 1, 2014 and Xbox One sales were at 170,581 units.

The PlayStation 4 sold an estimated 23,027 units, the Xbox One sold 10,005 units, and the Nintendo 3DS sold 330 units.

Nintendo Switch sales compared to the same week a year ago are down by 96,167 units (-18.5%). The PlayStation 4 is down 60,975 (-72.6%), the Xbox One is down 24,111 units (-70.7%), and the 3DS is down 4,240 units (-92.8%).

Looking at sales week-on-week, Nintendo Switch sales are down by over 58,000 units, PlayStation 5 sales are up by nearly 14,000 units, while Xbox Series X|S sales are up by nearly 7,000 units.

PS5 Sales, Xbox Series X and S Sales, Switch Sales

Global hardware estimates (Followed by lifetime sales):

  1. Switch - 422,515 (93,712,813)
  2. PlayStation 5 - 288,491 (13,879,005)
  3. Xbox Series X|S - 184,341 (8,432,936)
  4. PlayStation 4 - 23,027 (116,605,902)
  5. Xbox One - 10,005 (50,447,323)
  6. 3DS - 330 (75,941,661)
Americas (US, Canada, Latin America) hardware estimates:
  1. Switch - 170,350
  2. PlayStation 5 - 102,219
  3. Xbox Series X|S - 90,092
  4. PlayStation 4 - 8,543
  5. Xbox One - 7,572
Europe hardware estimates:
  1. PlayStation 5 - 126,046
  2. Switch - 114,834
  3. Xbox Series X|S - 71,741
  4. PlayStation 4 - 11,102
  5. Xbox One - 2,040
Asia (Japan, mainland Asia, Middle East) hardware estimates:
  1. Switch - 121,030
  2. PlayStation 5 - 50,242
  3. Xbox Series X|S - 14,825
  4. PlayStation 4 - 3,003
  5. 3DS - 330 (Japan only)
  6. Xbox One - 281
Oceania (Australia and New Zealand) hardware estimates:
  1. Switch - 16,301
  2. PlayStation 5 - 9,984
  3. Xbox Series X|S - 7,683
  4. PlayStation 4 - 379
  5. Xbox One - 112

A life-long and avid gamer, William D'Angelo was first introduced to VGChartz in 2007. After years of supporting the site, he was brought on in 2010 as a junior analyst, working his way up to lead analyst in 2012. He has expanded his involvement in the gaming community by producing content on his own YouTube channel and Twitch channel dedicated to gaming Let's Plays and tutorials. You can contact the author at or on Twitter @TrunksWD.

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SuperNintend0rk (on 08 November 2021)

Sony and MS are slowly ramping up weekly shipments. Hopefully there are a lot more as we approach the holidays.

  • +4
zakr1995 SuperNintend0rk (on 08 November 2021)

Microsoft are gonna need the supply, Forza Horizon 5, Black Friday, Halo Infinite and then Christmas, if they can meet demand, should see massive sales

  • +3
SuperNintend0rk zakr1995 (on 08 November 2021)

There's no way they'll meet demand but it would be nice if they didn't instantly sell out lol

  • +3
scrapking SuperNintend0rk (on 08 November 2021)

Microsoft was starting to manage to meet global demand for Series S (already meeting it outside North America, getting close, but not quite, meeting it in North America). So coming out with Forza in November and Halo in December as they're finally starting to meet Series S demand will help make sure Series S keeps selling briskly through to the end of the year. Good timing on Microsoft's part, from that perspective.

  • +3
SuperNintend0rk scrapking (on 08 November 2021)

I was mainly referring to the Series X but I do agree that the Series S is pretty much meeting demand now. That may not be the case in a few weeks though once a ton of people start buying them for Christmas presents, either because they're the most affordable current gen console or they just can't find a Series X.

  • +3
scrapking SuperNintend0rk (on 09 November 2021)

Yeah, agreed as we get closer to the holidays, I bet demand for the Series S will start exceeding supply again. Forza Horizon 5 and Halo: Infinite will help see to that, too.

it'll be interesting to see how they balance production between the two of them as time goes on. Phil Spencer predicted initially higher demand for Series X, but higher demand for Series S in the long-run. And if AI-enhanced upscaling, and/or cloud streaming, really catches on my guess is he'll be proven absolutely correct. In fact, if they pan out, those two technologies offer the potential for this to be a very long generation indeed.

  • +2
SuperNintend0rk scrapking (on 09 November 2021)

Yeah so far there seems to be a lot more demand for the Series X, but early adopters are usually willing to spend more than the casual gamers that buy consoles later in a generation so that makes sense.

  • +2
CourageTCD (on 08 November 2021)

I can't wait to see Switch's charts comparasions of October

  • +1
zakr1995 (on 08 November 2021)

What released November 2014 for the Xbox One to pick up sales? Or do all console sell a lot more every November?

  • +1
scrapking zakr1995 (on 08 November 2021)

Traditionally, at least in North America, console sales increase as we approach the holidays. I imagine it's a similar story in Europe and Oceania. Not sure about Asia.

  • +1
Kakadu18 scrapking (on 09 November 2021)

It's similar in most parts of the world. In Japan sales also pick up but the high point is usually not around christmas but new year.

  • 0
Elputoxd zakr1995 (on 09 November 2021)

Halo: The Master Chief Collection. It had console bundles, too.

  • +2
Sonmakodo (on 09 November 2021)
  • -11