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Switch vs DS Sales Comparison - February 2021

Switch vs DS Sales Comparison - February 2021 - Sales

by William D'Angelo , posted on 01 April 2021 / 3,586 Views

The VGChartz sales comparison series of articles are updated monthly and each one focuses on a different sales comparison using our estimated video game hardware figures. The charts include comparisons between the 7th generation and 8th generation platforms, as well as comparisons within the 8th generation. There are articles based on our worldwide estimates, as well as the US, Europe, and Japan.

This monthly series compares the aligned worldwide sales of the Nintendo Switch and the Nintendo DS.

Switch vs DS Sales Comparison - February 2021

Switch vs DS Sales Comparison - February 2021

Switch vs DS Sales Comparison - February 2021

Switch Vs. DS Global:

Gap change in latest month: 27,196 - DS

Gap change over last 12 months: 664,027 - Switch

Total Lead: 1,368,877 - DS

Switch Total Sales: 80,370,221

DS Total Sales: 81,739,098

February 2021 is the 48th month that the Nintendo Switch has been available for. During the latest month, the gap grew in favor of the DS by 27,196 units when compared to the Switch during the same timeframe. In the last 12 months, the Switch has caught up to the DS by 664,027units. The DS is ahead of the Switch by 1.37 million units.

The DS launched in November 2004 in North America, December 2004 in Japan, and March 2005 in Europe, while the Nintendo Switch launched worldwide in March 2017. Therefore, the holiday periods for the two consoles do not lineup, which is why there are big increases and decreases.

The 48th month on sale for the Nintendo Switch is February 2021, while for the DS it is October 2008. The Switch has sold 80.37 million units, while the DS sold 81.74 million units during the same timeframe.

The Nintendo DS sold 154.02 million units lifetime. The Nintendo Switch is currently 73.65 million units behind the lifetime sales of the DS.

A life-long and avid gamer, William D'Angelo was first introduced to VGChartz in 2007. After years of supporting the site, he was brought on in 2010 as a junior analyst, working his way up to lead analyst in 2012. He has expanded his involvement in the gaming community by producing content on his own YouTube channel and Twitch channel dedicated to gaming Let's Plays and tutorials. You can contact the author at or on Twitter @TrunksWD.

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Original (on 22 March 2021)

Switch is catching up to big bois now

  • +8
Amnesia (on 22 March 2021)

One last strong holiday boost coming for DS.

  • +2
UnderwaterFunktown Amnesia (on 22 March 2021)

I don't know about that, the next one will be pretty huge as well. And even the one after that is strong by regular console standards, this is the DS after all.

  • +2
Bofferbrauer2 Amnesia (on 22 March 2021)

More like three, though the next two are admittedly quite a but weaker. But those were still pretty great compared to other consoles.

Next year also is still ~30M and the year after ~20M, which are still very great years. But if the Switch manages to keep up with those, then it has a good shot at overtaking the DS, as it died quickly after that.

  • +7
SvenTheTurkey Bofferbrauer2 (on 22 March 2021)

Yeah. Who would have even thought this conversation would be happening. The DS seemed untouchable and likely will keep its crown. But the switch definitely has a chance of beating it if there's no replacement for another 4 years or so.

  • +7
Matsku SvenTheTurkey (on 23 March 2021)

At this point I'm starting to believe the Switch will at least catch up with the Ds, cause rest of world sales will be stronger and the main parts where systems sell should catch up and maybe even overtake.

  • +3
SanAndreasX SvenTheTurkey (on 23 March 2021)

And if the Switch can overcome the DS, it has a chance of beating the PS2, which was only a little ahead of DS. Unreal.

  • +3
SvenTheTurkey SanAndreasX (on 23 March 2021)

Yeah. If I had to pick between yes or no, I would say no. That said, it's possible. And even if not, it's going to be close.

  • 0
Comment was deleted...
xMetroid yo33331 (on 22 March 2021)

Switch should be around last year in 2021 and sell another 28 ish millions. Knowing they want to keep it around for a couple more years, it can cleary do the remaining 45 millions in 3-4 years.

  • +3
Original xMetroid (on 23 March 2021)

Don't forget a new switch model Will help

  • +2
xMetroid Original (on 23 March 2021)

Yea exactly ! Knowing they are releasing a pro model in year 5 means the Switch should stay for atleast 7-8 years on the market.

  • +1
Comment was deleted...
Bofferbrauer2 yo33331 (on 23 March 2021)

Switch is in it's 5th year now, so 2 more years would be 7 years already.

130M is too low considering how well it's selling right now. Switch is on track to sell again close to 30M this year, bringing the total to over 100M already. From there, the Switch would need to crash way worse than the Wii did to come to a halt at ~130M

  • -1
Comment was deleted...
Bofferbrauer2 yo33331 (on 23 March 2021)

With ~30M this year and the trajectory of the PS4 from 2018 the Switch would land way above 130M.

I think you are remembering the sales of the PS4 in the last years wrongly due to it's weakness now after the PS5 launch.

The PS4 still sold almost 9M consoles last year, and over 14M in 2019. If we use 28M as basis instead of 18M like with the2018 PS4, then 2022 would be at 21.5M and 2023 at 14M. With 28M this year that would be enough to push the Switch to almost 140M already.

Like I said, it would need a steeper cliff than the Wii did to only reach 130M.

  • +4
SvenTheTurkey yo33331 (on 23 March 2021)

I think the anticipation for the ps5 was what ate away at the ps4 sales. As long as they don't announce the replacement too far in advance, I think switch sales should at least be decent for another 2.5-3 years.

This year is already pretty strong. 25 million minimum I'm thinking. So even if it drops 5 million per year after this, that would be 45 million for 2022-2024. That makes 150 million.

If any of those numbers are lower than actual, the switch could swing it. But this year is going to pretty much be the linchpin. And the replacement will have to wait until 2025.

  • 0
siebensus4 (on 23 March 2021)

Gap chart pattern indicates a re-test of the 6M lead for DS for an inverse head-and-shoulder pattern. Target after the re-test should be a 5M lead for Switch, probably after Switch's next holiday season.

  • +1