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Best Adventure Game of 2017

Best Adventure Game of 2017 - Article

by Damián C , posted on 02 January 2018 / 3,841 Views

While a genre that does not have a rigid definition, games in this category offer diverse and multifarious experiences that emphasize the undertaking of its characters. Whether the player is dealing with obstacles that require some good lateral thinking, choosing carefully what to say to comrades so that they don't get into uproar, or running away from an angry goat, adventure games keep delighting gamers throughout the years.

The following are our chosen games from 2017 that allowed us to embark on unforgettable adventures with charming casts of characters and wondrous stories to discover.  


The Shortlist:


Night in the Woods


What Remains of Edith Finch

Life Is Strange: Before the Storm

The Sexy Brutale





The Winner:


What Remains of Edith Finch

Learning about the sad history of America’s most unfortunate family during the events of What Remains of Edith Finch can prove to be a heart-wrenching trip. Limited interactivity doesn't detract from what is ultimately an adventure well worth experiencing thanks to a set of captivating and eclectic stories that are nothing if not thought-provoking.

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ROCKY223 (on 02 January 2018)

WHat remains of edith finch is the first game that ever made me cry, i mean actual tears came out of my eyes.Its a powerful game ill never forget, truly a masterpiece

  • +4
iLikeEggs ROCKY223 (on 02 January 2018)

The one section with the depressed son (you know which one I am talking about) is one of my favorite parts of any game ever. So good.

  • +1
Chazore (on 02 January 2018)

eh, I'd have given it to NITW tbh.

  • +1
Poweranimals (on 02 January 2018)

What exactly is an adventure game. I would've thought Zerlda would be in this category.

  • +1
kenjab Poweranimals (on 02 January 2018)

Adventure games are usually story-driven, more slow paced games with no or minimal combat. Zelda won for best Action/Adventure game.

  • +1
Jaicee (on 03 January 2018)

These are all excellent nominees in this category, IMO. Night in the Woods is my personal favorite of them, but that reflects certain personal biases. You see, I so happen to have been a rebellious-natured college dropout from a conservative-minded American small town in decline who has struggled with depression for most of her life, so I related to NITW's main protagonist Mae on a lot of levels, as well as to Gregg in other ways. So I had a closer personal connection to NITW than I do to most games.

Objectively, What Remains of Edith Finch may be the better-designed game of the two. After all, NITW ultimately does not really break out of the Catcher in the Rye mold that so many teen adventures are doing today (e.g. Life is Strange, Oxenfee, etc.), though it definitely strikes a unique note in bringing macro-level socioeconomics into the picture of its 'mature beyond nostalgia for childhood loves lost' ethos in a big way that has seemed very appropriate to my country in 2017. I loved What Remains of Edith Finch as well because of its very touching story and surprisingly varied gameplay. Probably my favorite house exploration title aside from Gone Home.

  • 0
VersusEvil (on 02 January 2018)

Edith Finch is amazing but ... I wanted NITW to win this ;-;

  • 0