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Grand Theft Auto V Smashes Global Week One Sales Record - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 24 September 2013 / 75,096 Views

GTA V set not just a gaming record but also an entertainment record, reaching $1 billion in sales in just three days. In its first day the game sold 11 million units and generated $800 million. It is also no surprise that opening week sales were the biggest in gaming history, topping the annual bestselling franchise Call of Duty.

In its first five days Grand Theft Auto V sold 16 million units and generated $1.15 billion. 8.8 million units or 55 percent of the sales were for the Xbox 360, while the PlayStation 3 version sold 7.2 million units. Week one sales also exceeded the estimate of 15 million given the day before launch.

Grand Theft Auto V Opening Week Sales

Looking at the top 10 opening week's in gaming history Grand Theft Auto V has sold far above the rest. It is also the one of four games to be on two or less platforms. The Call of Duty titles have been released on four or more platforms each. Grand Theft Auto V nearly sold three times what Grand Theft Auto IV sold in its first week.

Once you break down the sales by platform the sales are even more impressive. Grand Theft Auto V for the Xbox 360 sold 8.8 million units opening week, while Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (X360) sold 7.5 million units and Call of Duty: Black Ops II (X360) sold 6.3 million units. For the PlayStation 3, Grand Theft Auto V sold 7.2 million units, while Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (PS3) sold 5.4 million units and Call of Duty Black Ops II (PS3) sold 4.7 million units.

Stay tuned to VGChartz for the latest GTA 5 sales figures and see the GTA 5 Wiki for more information about the game.

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ps3-sales! (on 24 September 2013)

A talented developer works for 5 years on this near masterpiece and beats out call of duty. I could not be happier.

  • +12
nnodley ps3-sales! (on 24 September 2013)

I'm replying to add 1000 more thumbs up to post. :-)

  • 0
SxyxS (on 24 September 2013)

than there is a great chance to pass 30 mio lifetime sales.

  • +7
Michael-5 (on 24 September 2013)

In 1 week it's sold as much as Halo: Reach for the 360. Just wow.

  • +5
sabestar (on 24 September 2013)

Congrats. Very well deserved success, and it's good to see a high quality title on top once again.

  • +4
dsage01 (on 24 September 2013)

I have a feeling its under tracked by a bit given the fact that it past 1B in 3 days..but the sales are still

  • +2
Comment was deleted...
Rogerioandrade (on 24 September 2013)

What an achievement! Congrats to Rockstar for this immense success.
I wonder if one of the versions will break the 20 all-time best sellers.

  • +2
late_release Rogerioandrade (on 25 September 2013)

you mean the snes games? no,because they don't bundle games with consoles like that anymore. if it was sold separately, snes games wouldnt be as popular as they were

  • 0
Simulacrum (on 25 September 2013)

I wonder Japan sales, or was it even released there.

  • 0
late_release (on 25 September 2013)

the last of us should be there, a great unique game that deserves 10M first week

  • 0
Conegamer (on 25 September 2013)

Good, great sales for a great game. And dethroning COD with a masterpiece is excellent in my books.

  • 0
Michelasso (on 25 September 2013)

Does this include digital sales as well? How? I think Sony like Steam doesn't give out numbers.

  • 0
Comment was deleted...
Kai Master (on 24 September 2013)

Now it needs to beat 30m to impress me (MK Wii, MW3, etc.)

  • 0
Comment was deleted...
hamo0odi90 (on 24 September 2013)

Totally deserved ,

  • 0
antigin (on 24 September 2013)

16 million in just 5 days! WOW! I wonder, can GTAV beat MH4 in Japan this week?)

  • -2
Salnax antigin (on 24 September 2013)

GTA5 isn't out in Japan yet.

  • +2
Blood_Tears antigin (on 24 September 2013)

Oct 10th is the Japan release date.

  • +2
Comment was deleted...
Seece pezus (on 24 September 2013)

It'll do something like 8m in the US which will be 40/60 to 360 (I.E an extra 1.6m to 360, my prediction anyhow.

  • -1
Comment was deleted...
Kai Master pezus (on 24 September 2013)

What is the sales ratio in France ? I'm sure in the end the PS3 version will sell more because GTA is stronger than CoD in Europe and sales pattern is long term in Europe compared to US (shorter tail).

  • 0
Blood_Tears pezus (on 24 September 2013)

Plus the PS3 version will likely get 400k or more from Japan when it launches there.

  • +3
Comment was deleted...