Top iPhone Game Apps 11/14: Scribblenauts Remix Tops Angry Birds

by William D'Angelo, posted on 15 November 2011 / 3,100 Views

Gamasutra has rounded up the top ten best selling paid and free gaming applications on the iTunes App Store as of November 14. Scribblenauts Remix dethrones Angry Birds  as the top selling paid game. Fruit Ninja is up one spot to number three and Flick Home Run is down two spots to number four. Hardest Game Ever is up three spots to number five.

Top paid iPhone titles this week:

1. Scribblenauts Remix ($0.99)
2. Angry Birds ($0.99)
3. Fruit Ninja ($0.99)
4. Flick Home Run ($0.99)
5. Hardest Game Ever ($0.99)
6. Angry Birds Seasons ($0.99)
7. Tetris ($0.99)
8. Cut the Rope ($0.99)
9. Street Fighter IV Volt ($0.99)
10. Angry Birds Rio ($0.99)

Hardest Game Ever Free remains as the most downloaded free game. Asteroids Gunner debuts at number seven. Duck Hunt Crazy, a duck Hunt clone, is at number eight.

Top free iPhone games this week:

1. Hardest Game Ever Free
2. Office Jerk
3. Amazing Breaker Free
4. US Basketball Multiplayer
5. Pizza Picasso
6. Pick-Up Sticks
7. Asteroids Gunner
8. Duck Hunt Crazy
9. Tiny Village
10. Pocket Potions

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