Ubisoft Registers "Rainbow Six: Patriots" Domain - News

by Jake Weston , posted on 31 October 2011 / 1,982 Views

We've known about a new Rainbow Six game in development by Ubisoft for a while, but now it looks like we may have an official title. According to recent domain registries made by Ubisoft, the next Rainbow Six game could be titled "Rainbow Six: Patriots". 

Following up on the critically acclaimed Rainbow Six: Vegas and Rainbow Six: Vegas 2, Rainbow Six: Patriots is set to shift the setting to New York, where the team will oppose a "large group of revolutionary terrorists", with Wall Street as their primary target. Set against the current backdrop of the Occupy Wall Street protests, this Patriots has the potential to hit incredibly close to home.

In an era of Hollywood blockbuster-esque first-person shooters, will Rainbow Six stick to its small scale, tactical roots, or try to be more like its contemporaries? We will find out when the game launches sometime in 2012. 

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trasharmdsister12 (on 31 October 2011)

I'm really not sure how to feel about this... I mean, Ubisoft has tainted my love of some of my favourite franchises from last gen (PoP, SC, Rainbow Six). Vegas 1 was pretty great but I wished they didn't make the cover system in 3rd person. Vegas 2 felt incredibly rushed and just an extension to Vegas 1. Since then a whole lot has changed in the genre so "Patriots" really is a toss up at this point. I'm keen on seeing and hearing more on the title but I'm not getting my hopes up as Ubi has hurt me enough this gen with the likes of PoP 2008 and Double Agent/Conviction.

mjk45 (on 31 October 2011)

couldn't agree more I loved Vegas 1 but this one is a wait and see

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