Crysis 2 Minimum PC Requirements Revealed - News

by VGChartz Staff , posted on 02 February 2011 / 2,765 Views

Crytek has revealed the minimum PC requirements for running their upcoming shooter, Crysis 2. The first game cause quite the stir due to the incredibly high requirements for that time. These were the minimum requirements for Crysis back in 2007:

  • CPU: Intel Pentium 4 (2.8GHZ for XP; 3.0GHZ for Vista)
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM for XP; 2 GB RAM for Vista
  • Hard drive space: 12GB of free space
  • Graphics: DirectX 9.0c compatible graphics card with 256 MB VRAM
  • Audio: DirectX 9.0c compliant sound card
  • 1 Mbit/s internet connection for online play

Now, in 2011, the minimum requirements for Crysis 2 will be:

  • Internet connection required for activation
  • OS: XP/Vista/Windows 7
  • CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo 2 Ghz, AMD Athlon 64 x2 2 Ghz or better
  • GPU Nvidia GeForce 8800 GT 512 MB of memory or higher; ATI/AMD Radeon 3850HD 512Mb RAM or higher 
  • Memory: 2 GB of RAM
  • Hard Drive Space: 9 GB
  • DVD-ROM with 8x speed
  • Audio: DirectX9c compatible
  • Keyboard, mouse or Xbox 360 controller for Windows

Comparably, that's not nearly as harsh as the first Crysis. It could be because of the new Cryengine which is supposed to be more adaptable to different machines. It could just be the game has been dumbed down since it's going multiplatform. It could also just be the Crytek team has more experience and were able to make an equal game with less demanding needs. Why do you think the requirements are less harsh?

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ghost_of_fazz (on 02 February 2011)

Dumbed down for consoles :(

Baalzamon (on 02 February 2011)

@naznatips: Specifically built for gaming, huh? Well, its got a 1gb graphics card and an i7 processor, and really didn't advertise itself as a gaming computer at all.

Hoops84 (on 02 February 2011)

These requirements are weak... I guess the game isn't trying to push the bar like the original in 2007.. Still should be a sweet looking game.

kiefer23 (on 02 February 2011)

Urban Jungle is much less demanding then a Tropical Jungle.

soulsamurai (on 02 February 2011)

Never aim for minimum if your doing PC gaming.

Zkuq (on 02 February 2011)

@Baalzamon: It's steep because there's practically no pre-built PCs (apart from expensive gaming PCs) that meet the requirement. So unless you've made a pretty decent upgrade in the last year or two, that requirement won't be met.

A Bad Clown (on 02 February 2011)

I've got all those, the graphics should work with my 512 intel card.

naznatips (on 02 February 2011)

I have a 9800GT though so I should be fine. Not that I intend to buy it. I hated the first Crysis.

Barozi (on 02 February 2011)

Sweet no problems then :)

naznatips (on 02 February 2011)

@ Baalzamon No $600 HP has a 512mb GPU. I'd be surprised if your $900 laptop does, unless it's specifically for gaming. You can BUILD a PC for $400 that has that, but that's a huge minimum.

dsage01 (on 02 February 2011)

well the requirements aren't that harsh!

Baalzamon (on 02 February 2011)

How is that a steep GPU requirement? My $900 laptop I purchased in August easily surpasses these requirements. A $600 PC from HP easily beats those requirements too.

Zkuq (on 02 February 2011)

I'd say the GPU requirement is pretty steep. No, not pretty steep, it's worse than what the original Crysis was in 2007. Much worse.

hunter_alien (on 02 February 2011)

MattAnderson: same here, Im certain that my laptop will be OK with the minimum settings, something that I couldent have done with Crysis back in the days :-P

CaptainHavok (on 02 February 2011)

My laptop does all of that except the video card, that's always the downfall of a laptop that isn't geared toward gaming.

MattAnderson (on 02 February 2011)

Those aren't bad at all. Pretty much any new computer meets those requirements. Heck, I bought a non-gaming laptop a few months ago and it surpasses most of those requirements.

hagelt18 (on 02 February 2011)

I'm pretty surprised. I thought they went out of there way to make sure they creating a benchmark game. Maybe the reason they shyed away from that is that the high standards they had before weren't so kind to their sales. It seems like a reasonable financial decision to open up to a broader audience by aiming for lower requirements. All speculation...

Soleron (on 02 February 2011)

8800GT / HD3850 as minimum requirements IS steep. $35 DX9 graphics cards were available for a long time before 2007; HD 3850 performance still isn't met by less than $60 cards today. What I find funny is that neither the Xbox 360 nor the PS3's GPU come anywhere near the 8800GT. Same with the CPU and RAM requirements. I'm sure it will work, but don't expect perfect and easy portability from PC without signifcant optimisation.