360 Sales Rise 800% in Japan - News

by VGChartz Staff , posted on 03 July 2010 / 4,398 Views

Microsoft's Xbox sales in Japan have been nothing short of laughable when compared to how other systems fare in the electronic heavy region but with the recent redesigned 360 and release of Monster Hunter Frontier, the system has gotten a much needed boost in sales.

In the week previous to the release of the redesigned 360, the system had sold about 2,060 units in total. Compare that to the first week of availability for the redesign and sales have shot up to 17,370, 15k of those sales were of the new system.

The newly designed console shared the same week of release as the 360 version of Monster Hunter Frontier, which was previously only available on the PC in the region. The game placed at the top of the software charts with 93k units sold.

As good news as this is for the 360, it still pales in comparison to it's competitors sales in Japan with the PS3 (19,578), PSP (23,257) and the Wii (19,115) all outselling the 360. The DSi (41,676) was the best selling machine last week.

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heruamon (on 06 July 2010)

LEt's see how this plays out...this might be a one week or one month spike...The Japanese market is "different" so maybe LKinect will connect with them better than previous attempts by M$.

binary solo (on 04 July 2010)

This result is certainly noteworthy. But in the grand scheme of Japan sales it's insignificant if it's a one week effect. So, hold off on the excitement until we see multiple weeks in a row with >10K 360 sales. I expect the next Japan chart to have 360 under 10K, though still significantly above its pre-Slim baseline. I think there will be a significant amount of upgrading going on with existing 360 owners in Japan (if I had a 2+ year old 360 I'd be seriously thinking about an upgrade right now). It's all around a better product than the old sku, so I can see substantial benefit in dumping the old unit and buying the new with 360; something the PS3 Slim doesn't / didn't have over the PS3 phat (not for a moment have I ever contemplated replacing my phat PS3 with a Slim).

Xbbjf9s (on 04 July 2010)

@ssj12- i was thinking the same thing

*Sound Of Rain (on 04 July 2010)

Maybe if Microsoft puts out the following in Japan it could win for a week: Final Fantasy,Dragon Quest,Monster Hunter, all 360 Exclusive in Japan...this won't happen but that seems to be the only way they could sell the most in a week in Japan.

Baalzamon (on 04 July 2010)

I'm going to say 600-700% of that was because monster hunter

Alpha Till (on 04 July 2010)

obviously monster hunter boosts xbox sales more than kinect will do in japan and i can only guess how cheap it was to port it from pc - does anybody remember the news about exclusives not helping console sales?

Silver-Tiger (on 04 July 2010)

Let's see how long this holds on.

Mr Puggsly (on 04 July 2010)

@ 880user088 Not misleading at all. It said Japan.

880user088 (on 04 July 2010)

Extremely Misleading title

almcchesney (on 04 July 2010)

im confused, if you are trying to make money then why would you release monster hunter exlusive, in japan, on the 360 when it has a MUCH smaller user base there? now i cant import it.......

hiroko (on 04 July 2010)

its not an ex monster hunter game its a port from the pc MMO

TanakaPrime (on 04 July 2010)

I live in Japan. They don't care so much about consoles as the care about games. It was because of Monster Hunter. The more surprising fact is PS3 beating out Wii this week while Galaxy is still rolling off shelves.

kingofwale (on 03 July 2010)

800% increase and STILL trailing behind PS3, PSP, DS and Wii what more does Microsoft need to do to win there??? Exclusive MH game + Slim launch at the same week is apparently not even enough

dragonmagician (on 03 July 2010)

800% looks impressive...

Bman54 (on 03 July 2010)

I have a feeling it had nothing to do with redesign. It was probably all because of that new Monster Hunter.

Killergran (on 03 July 2010)

I like titles like this, they are true and misleading at the same time. 800% is a lot 15k is not. Xbox deserves a bit of attention in Japan. It's good it's getting it.

ssj12 (on 03 July 2010)

expected, its smaller and a new console. Plus most of those sales are probably from US Soldiers stationed there.