PS3's Final Fantasy XIII Includes Exclusive Bonus Offer - News

by Gabriel Franco , posted on 09 March 2010 / 4,499 Views



Do you wanna a Chance to Beta Test FFXIV? Sony is giving you the chance with the purchase of FFXIII:


Players who purchase a copy of FINAL FANTASY XIII for PS3 will receive a FINAL FANTASY XIV secret in-game item and be able to enter for a potential opportunity to become a beta tester for FINAL FANTASY XIV for PS3.

Included inside copies of the initial production run of FINAL FANTASY XIII for PS3 are Campaign Codes printed on a special SQUARE ENIX MEMBERS Point Card. Players can register at SQUARE ENIX MEMBERS and receive a code to unlock the special FINAL FANTASY XIV limited offer.


Final Fantasy XIV is scheduled to launch on PS3 and PC this year.




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WarmachineX (on 09 March 2010)

FF MMO? ...nah

JAMurida (on 09 March 2010)

So why are they saying this at the last minute of the release, instead of saying this at least a month in advance???

tingyu (on 09 March 2010)

Xbox might got it, if Arcade is not allergic to MMORPG cause no harddisk

DEATH775 (on 09 March 2010)

Not interested

CyberpunkCentral (on 09 March 2010)

@XanderZane No. PS3 only.

XanderZane (on 09 March 2010)

I could care less about FF XIV. I played FF XI for a year. The most repetitive grind in MMORPG history. I wouldn't waste my time again. It was fun for the 1st 6 months, I'll give them that. I did get the PS3 version of FFXIII though. I'll start playing that tonight. What is the in game item? Can this item also be found in the 360 version?

binary solo (on 09 March 2010)

360 exclusive bundle and timed exclusive ads vs. PS3 exclusive content. S-E playing both sides (which they need to do of course) but favouring 360 (which they also needed to do). I suppose long term Sony is picking exclusivity of FFXIII in Japan, WW exclusivity (as far as we know) for Vs. XIII and timed console exclusivity for FFXIV is the better deal overall, compared to the short term in-roads 360 will make with its bundle and advertising. Time will tell.

Skeeuk (on 09 March 2010)

well its certainly gonna come out on ps3 thats for sure, but what if they make the game a true nex gen title. ff11 mmo was ps2 era grafix, if ff14 is upto date, im wondering how many dvd it will use. i can see game out on mabey 3 dvd, with 1 as install disc

Shonen (on 09 March 2010)

THE MOST COMPLICATE BONUS I EVER SEE ^~ 10 steps to get a CHANCE of becoming a beta on some fail s-e online RPG who needs it when you can play WoW ?

Soonerman (on 09 March 2010)

Oh ok Sony, I will buy a PS3 to get FFXIII on your system so later on I can buy a MMORPG that is not true to the franchise AND pay you for subscription fess. Definitely a good deal!

Ralek (on 09 March 2010)

So that's the best they can do after all .... hum

axumblade (on 09 March 2010) want..

KylieDog (on 09 March 2010)

Only a chance at the beta not even a definite admission? Pfft.

elticker (on 09 March 2010)

square enix pushed it too much with differences between ps3 and 360 version so i will not buy it even when i buy a ps3(thinking of buying one cause of god of war 3 and heavy rain).

toMsonsLLC (on 09 March 2010)

Don't give a rats a** about FF14, MMO's blow, but I do want this secret in-game item.

Vermise (on 09 March 2010)

The Sony Empire Shall Rise Again!!!

divwilson50 (on 09 March 2010)

@scoobes, bang on. also, whats the item?

Scoobes (on 09 March 2010)

I'm guessing Square Enix asked Sony not to advertise this too early so as not to piss off 360 purchasers?

Ravage27 (on 09 March 2010)

this really should have been announced earlier. oh well, there's still time for people to decide though...this incentive + the superior graphics will make it simple for them :)

Avarice28 (on 09 March 2010)

@Ping_ii comment to kiefer +1 I know which version I am buying! Thank you Square for finally showing some love to the people who own the other console.

halil23 (on 09 March 2010)

This is strange! Why didn't Sony announce this months ago that could of stop deluded from buying the 360 version?!?

Empyrean (on 09 March 2010)

they tell us on the day of? haha o wells glad i got the ps3 version. + got the hardcover limited edition strategy guide. so pretty :D

Ping_ii (on 09 March 2010)

@kiefer then tell all the 360 fans to stop calling and counting ME2 as an exclusive then....

Crystalchild (on 09 March 2010)

just received the mail from square, nice thing!

qmoney88 (on 09 March 2010)

Sick I just signed up, got shot down for the pc beta but hoepfully I get accepted for this one.

M.U.G.E.N (on 09 March 2010)

lol Well played Sony, Well Played.

kiefer23 (on 09 March 2010)

"Final Fantasy XIV is a PS3 Exclusive and its schedule to launch in 2010" Final Fantasy XIV is not exclusive, it's also on the PC and there are constant talks about a Xbox 360 version. They were just in talks about the Gold Subscription/monthly subscription.

geddesmond2 (on 09 March 2010)

I like this part of the blog here. "Some of you may remember the announcement we made at our E3 press conference last June, but just a reminder that PS3 will be the only console you'll be able to play FINAL FANTASY XIV when it launches in 2010." That confirms FF14 is still consol exclusive to the PS3 but it also says when it launches which sort of confirms it will be on the Xbox 360 at a later date so Xbox 360 owners should be happy

Silentium (on 09 March 2010)

So that's what the code inside is actually good for... O: I thought 'Why the hell should I become a Square member?" But now they give me a damn good reason.

V-r0cK (on 09 March 2010)

What CyperpunkCentral said. I'd like to try FFXIV beta, itll be free to play til they offically release it and having to pay monthly lol.

NYANKS (on 09 March 2010)

Awesome. If you have both platforms, every possible reason points to the PS3 version being the better purchase. This just solidifies it. I've heard good things about FFXI.

iLLmaticV3 (on 09 March 2010)

That's awesome, I hope I get in the Beta. I really wanna play Final Fantasy XIV!

CyberpunkCentral (on 09 March 2010)

The more reasons to buy "Final Fantasy XIII" on the PS3 :)