Final Fantasy VII Gets 100,000 PSN Downloads

by Gabriel Franco, posted on 23 June 2009 / 7,132 Views


Sony says that classic RPG Final Fantasy VII has been downloaded over 100,000 times on PlayStation Network in North America since its launch during E3 in the first week of June.

Sony says FFVII, which is playable both on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable via the emulated download, is one of "dozens" of classic PSone games it plans to release over the PlayStation Network between now and the year's end.

Other titles to debut soon will include Wild Arms 2, Mobile Light Force and Special Ops: Stealth Patrol, which will join other classic PSone games on the service, with "most" to be playable on both PS3 and PSP.


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RockSmith372 (on 25 April 2010)

I wonder how much it has sold now? I would guess around 250,000

luckey (on 17 September 2009)

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outlawauron (on 25 June 2009)

We'll how it holds up. It was the #1 selling PSN download (includes everything on the store) and it dropped to #2 when a free demo beat it out. Let's wait, it will have legs. And I have no idea what's the fastest selling PSN title, but this isn't it or they would have said so.

Bokal (on 25 June 2009)

@Daddo Splat: I think you can (re)download a game from the PSN 5 times with the same account.

Daddo Splat (on 24 June 2009)

Xen Iam sure you have your opinionon the greatest rpg and some would agree or disagree but asking to get shot over someones opinion the many agree with is extreme. also comparing downloads for psn to xbl is crazy because achievements sell games to many people who dont care about the game but the gamerscore. people buying this are rekindling memories and allowing others to experience an exceptional game.

Daddo Splat (on 24 June 2009)

the thing I love is I can put it on my daughters psp and my sons psp and play it on my PS3. were all playing together. I beat 2x back in the day and enjoy spending time with the game again good times. got the bluray ff7 advent children with 26 more minutes also. You would think Sony would limit the amount of times you can transfer the downloaded game to psp bit appears they dont. we still own it on disk's but its cool having it like this.

Xen (on 24 June 2009)

This? THE greatest RPG of all time? Just fucking shoot me.

Magnific0 (on 24 June 2009)

I'm not defending THE greatest rpg all of time from some kiddy downplayers, oh no , not me.

mrstickball (on 24 June 2009)

Ugg. It cut off some of my comment. What I put was that, given the data, VII has probably sold 225-250k across all regions. Very good, but not the greatest given the fact that it sold 10 million copies when it debuted. When Perfect Dark comes out for XBLA, we'll probably get an apt comparison, but Goldeneye would be a much better direct comparison. Otherwise, all we have is SM64, and that's at 1 million sales in 2 years, which looks to be better than what VII is doing.

mrstickball (on 24 June 2009)

Untamoi - There are algorithms out there that can extrapolate download sales over the long haul, which is why I said that Mario64 shows how much better some games can do. VII has been on the market for 2 months in Japan, 3 weeks in NA/PAL and only 1 region has hit the 100k plateau (or else Sony would have announced 100k in PAL/Others or Asiatic regions). That puts VII at <300k, and probably in the 225k-250k area. For a download game, that means that over the next 2 years, it may hit 500-750k..Below Mario 64. I will digress: We will need to see how Perfect Dark does on XBLA to make an apt comparison. Even then, VII>PD, but it should be close enough to draw some comparisons. Had Goldeneye launched on XBLA like it was supposed to, we would most likely be laughing at VII's cume.

Untamoi (on 24 June 2009)

"I don't get how you can undermine the biggest selling console RPG in history,and saying 'oh, it's not that big'. Get real. $9.99 is NOT a premium price given the size of the game. If you want a good comparable for size, look at Virtual Console's Super Mario 64. It hit the 1 million mark in December 2008." Did Super Mario 64 sell 1 million in first week? If you are comparing lifetime sales to first week sales then your comparison is terrible.

V-r0cK (on 24 June 2009)

This game is stilll awesome! Keep it up and PS3 owners showing Square sum love.

RageBot (on 24 June 2009)

@Millenium: Dude, 200,000 in it's first week is a TON for a 12 years old game, released in a time when there a lot of other games in the market (unlike Mario 64, which when released there weren't a lot of other Wii games). Also considering the fact that pepole who own Mario 64 can't play it on their Wii, so they have to buy it again, while pepole who own original FF7 can play it on their PS3. If you would also consider the fact that a lot of pepole who have the original won't buy it again, but would sure buy it again if it will be remade, just shows how wrong you are :)

Riachu (on 24 June 2009)

@Millenium Nearly 10 million already bought a physical copy of the game already. I also need to note that some people returned the game because of the amount of reading in it.

Epke (on 24 June 2009)

it IMO one of the best RPG great storyline interesting characters, it is up there with Chrono trigger!

Bokal (on 24 June 2009)

Gamers community : I meant the gamers that closely follow the video games news on the internet.

Bokal (on 24 June 2009)

I agree with Kantor, it's only NA, we don't even know about Japan and Others. Besides, who knows FF7 is rereleased apart from the gamers community? I think these numbers are impressive!! At 10$, it's 1.000.000$ in Sony's pocket only in NA, with almost no investment. It's freaking great!

Kantor (on 24 June 2009)

Holy shit. At everyone saying "disappointing for a Final Fantasy", this game is TWELVE YEARS OLD. And this is in America alone- who knows how many times it's been downloaded in Japan?

Wandamaximoff (on 24 June 2009)

Im not at all bothered by this game to be honest! I think the fmv was the best part! It would be novel to see how it worked on xbla tho!? Id like to see the reaction!

Araknie (on 24 June 2009)

They still buy this game? @KyileDog: A wonderful game have no age.

Quickdraw McGraw (on 24 June 2009)

Are people downplaying this? It sold >100,000 units in less than a month in one territory. It's a PS1 game over ten years old. I don't see how that isn't a notable accomplishment. Oh well. If I didn't still have my disc's I would consider this. They need to get Crash Team Racing on the PSN. I lost that disc when I was like 12, and it broke my heart.

KylieDog (on 24 June 2009)

100,000 people just realised how overated the game is. It was flashy for its time but rather sucked on gameplay.

WarmachineX (on 24 June 2009)

now imagine if these were 360 numbers... such a shame that this game is wasted on a system that sells the way it does.

vitoaf27 (on 24 June 2009)

Remember.. this is only NA numbers. NOT WW.

mrstickball (on 24 June 2009)

Outlaw - What is the fastest selling PSN game, then? I don't get how you can undermine the biggest selling console RPG in history,and saying 'oh, it's not that big'. Get real. $9.99 is NOT a premium price given the size of the game. If you want a good comparable for size, look at Virtual Console's Super Mario 64. It hit the 1 million mark in December 2008.

Millennium (on 23 June 2009)

You know, I've got to wonder: people have been touting an FF7 remake as a guaranteed system-seller for years. If the original can't even break 200,000 in the first week -especially given how rare physical copies have gotten- then I'm forced to wonder: could a remake really make all that much of a dent? There truly are no system-sellers anymore, I guess, if even FF7 -a game what was not only a system-seller but a kingmaker in its time- can't muster enough sales for a boost. Not that it matters much. Square-Enix has long been open about their policy of not re-releasing games they intend to remake in the foreseeable future. Thus, the release of this game on the Playstation Store proves that there will be no FF7 remake this generation, or possibly even next.

outlawauron (on 23 June 2009)

@ stick Well it has a premium price and in two weeks has sold pretty high for a download. I just looked some recent XBLA charts, and while there is a difference I don't think it's that big. I mean this is a PS1 game and it looks awful. And this isn't the fastest selling overall, just in the PS1 Classics section.

outlawauron (on 23 June 2009)

@ Soriku I thought they only announced the first and that their were plans to bring Final Fantasy to VC. Those didn't directly mention any but the first I believe. Besides, what the hell would be taking them so long? There are many versions of the original, and they made that announcement a while back.

weaveworld (on 23 June 2009)

great numbers indeed This will surely be interesting for manufacturers to put their games on Psn. Btw: is there any site, where u can find these downloadable game-sales numbers

Soriku (on 23 June 2009)

@mrstick FF1-FF4 are going to be on VC.

Magnific0 (on 23 June 2009)

@Bman54 what's the waste? Risk scratching further (?) the original (and a collector's item too) that'd be a real waste. Besides if you have the PSN version you can take advantage of the virtual saves you can find in sites like Gamefaqs (ie.: how about starting the game with absolutely everything and all maxed out just for fun? how about having Aeries ALIVE after end of disc 1 ?, you can't get that unless you have a gameshark for...PSone? lol) and how about playing the game full screen (16:9), smoother (better for today's HDTVs) not to mention the sound is also clearer from the PS3 connected through HDMI/Optical audio than the crappy rca cable of the PSone. And nothing beats having the game ready to start up just pushing a button, all 3 discs...10 bucks for that is that much to you.....really?

mrstickball (on 23 June 2009)

That's pretty slow. However, as a VII fan, having it sell at all is always good news. Goes to show how much smaller the PSN base is than the WiiWare/VC/XBLA base. Would love to see more Final Fantasies on downloadable formats.

chocoloco (on 23 June 2009)

My next buy after beating motorstorm: pacific rift and infamous. Keep me going over the long almost gameless summer. Third time I will have bought the game!!!

Bman54 (on 23 June 2009)

@Magnific0 What would be the point of him downloading FF VII if he has it on disk and is still playing it? That would be a waste of $10.

Soriku (on 23 June 2009)

They need to put Brave Fencer Musashi on PSN. Not many people have played it and more need to know of its awesomeness!! Hopefully this encourages that.

Stats87 (on 23 June 2009)

I want Vagrant Story! Having looked at the games on the JP PSN store, they have waaaaaaaaay more.

darklich13 (on 23 June 2009)

Relly enjoyed this on PSone and I'm glad to see it is still popular

leo-j (on 23 June 2009)

Nearly $1 M in pure profit in this region from ff vii alone

Dazkarieh (on 23 June 2009)

berem, play FFVI ;)

RedWiizard (on 23 June 2009)

spartan004 : What?? You start the game strait in the action: you're on your way to destroy one of those "mako" energy reactors with some rebels. How faster can you be in the plot? I mean it's one of the rare JRPG where you don't start in a peaceful village, waiting till something happens.

TheConduit (on 23 June 2009)

How long till we get VIII and IX

spartan004 (on 23 June 2009)

I downloaded it the day it came out for my PSP and I loved it, the characters, the story, everything, this stood the test of time for me, and considering it was made on a 32 bit console 12 years ago, it looks pretty good. My only complaint is it takes a while for the actual story to get going, at least 7 hours if I remember correctly

NightDragon83 (on 23 June 2009)

PS3 GOTY Confirmed!!! I'm glad i still have my original PS1 copy since it's now out of print and can go for quite a penny on ebay. FFIX is still available on Amazon for $15, and I've been debating on whether or not I should pick that one up since I've heard it was criminally underrated when it first came out.

Hanzaki (on 23 June 2009)

Wild Arms 2 kind of okay (actually I like it) but Mobil Light Force and Special Ops? Surely there are better games on PS1 than these...

AaronSOLDIER (on 23 June 2009)

Thats because you shouldve played 12 years ago...

berem (on 23 June 2009)

I had always heard what a great game FFVII was from almost every RPG person I know, so when this came out to download on PSN I decided to give a try on my PSP. I played it for about 6 hours, and was bored. I love similar games like Chrono Trigger, but for some reason FFVII's story just wasn't that good to me. Considering the time it came out, I'm sure it was top of the line in graphics and gameplay... but it just doesn't hold up the test of time in my book.

Magnific0 (on 23 June 2009)

Ajax, give some rest to your disc copy! that's a relic that shouldn't be exposed to work and dust! it served its time! put it away man and download the PSN version, it's only $10

Gilgamesh (on 23 June 2009)

This is JUST America, so for sure it's over the 10 million mark if you add the Japan and Europe downloads.

hunter_alien (on 23 June 2009)

Isnt that 1 million profit Leo-j? :P Its only a 10$ game :P

drakesfortune (on 23 June 2009)

Good, I hope this means we get more classic PS1 games. I bought FF7

PullusPardus (on 23 June 2009)

@Riachu 100.000 is in US alone , so its good.

PullusPardus (on 23 June 2009)

Nice! it deserved it , now i wish they bring out FFVIII and FFIX ! =] btw "with "most" to be playable on both PS3 and PSP." is there a Psone classic that doesn't work on PSP ?

SaviorX (on 23 June 2009)

That is really good.

Riachu (on 23 June 2009)

I only started to play the game on Sunday and I'm already 8 hours in. FFVII just really had something to hook me. The story really plenty going for it so far. I'm actually a little disapointed by the number of downloads. 100,000 is low for FFVII.

Ajax (on 23 June 2009)

FFVII is back to number 3 in the GameFAQs top100 list. The game has been the most looked up game ever anyway. I still play it on my PSX. I just started a new game, so no need for this download for me. :)

nen-suer (on 23 June 2009)

Nice sales, @zibzed LOL, are u comparing it with Killzone 2 or what XD

Bman54 (on 23 June 2009)

Hopefully, FF VIII and IX will appear. I predict that MGS will also get the same headline.

zibzed (on 23 June 2009)

i got it too shame its looks like shit on my hdtv even with upscale on!

Squall_Leonhart (on 23 June 2009)

Bring on FFVIII next!! :-D