Switch Shipments Reach 14.86 Million Units in 2017, Super Mario Odyssey Sells 9.07 Million Units - VGChartz
Switch Shipments Reach 14.86 Million Units in 2017, Super Mario Odyssey Sells 9.07 Million Units

Switch Shipments Reach 14.86 Million Units in 2017, Super Mario Odyssey Sells 9.07 Million Units - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 01 February 2018 / 5,412 Views

Nintendo has released its latest hardware and software figures for the Switch and 3DS through December 31, 2017.

Shipments figures for the Nintendo Switch reached 14.86 million units as of December 31, while the Nintendo 3DS hit 71.99 million units shipped.


As for software 52.57 million games have been shipped on the Switch and 360.50 million games on the 3DS. 

Nintendo has updated its forecast for March 31, 2018. Nintendo predicts it will move 15 million Switch consoles for the fiscal year. When you add in the 2.74 million units shipped in its launch month that would put shipments figures at 17.74 million units at the end of March. 

Breaking down software figures, Super Mario Odyssey is the top-selling game on the Switch with 9.07 million units shipped and sold digitally. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe has sold 7.33 million units, The Legend of Zelda: The Breath of the Wild 6.70 million units, Splatoon 2 4.91 million units, 1-2 Switch 1.88 million units, ARMS 1.61 million units, and Xenoblade Chronicles 2 1.06 million units. 

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Redguy (on 31 January 2018)

Fun fact: the original splatoon has sold as much as splatoon 2 as of 2017 both sitting at 4.91m

Shikamo (on 31 January 2018)

Vegeta.. what Nintendo say about Super Mario Odyssey units sold in 2017, It's over a 9M! What 9M!!?? There's no way that can be right!

newwil7l (on 31 January 2018)

Definitely undertracked.

Erosensei (on 31 January 2018)

Amazing sales for a amazing console! Congrats Nintendo!

Nuvendil (on 31 January 2018)

So literally every single one of the top 7 Nintendo produced Switch games is undertracked here :P Also, Xenoblade 2 is the first Xenoblade to ever officially cross the million mark (within a single release obviously). Very well deserved and a very good sign.

StreaK (on 31 January 2018)

Holy hell Mario is kicking ass!!!

Johnw1104 (on 31 January 2018)

Ummm... what?!? Odyssey is over 9 million in, what, under three months? So it's closing in on the other 3D titles like Mario 64 and Galaxy which are at ~12 and 13 million respectively, and already blew past Galaxy 2 and Sunshine... I wonder how far it can climb the "Mario" ladder?

Nautilus (on 31 January 2018)

It did that in about two months.

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Medisti (on 31 January 2018)

17.74 million for the first 13 months would be a great opening for any console. They might surpass it a bit, too, though the software these first few months is looking pretty sparse.

Paatar (on 31 January 2018)

Idk. We have some decent releases for the first few months. Lost Sphear in Jan, Bayonetta 1+2, Payday 2 Dragon Quest Builders for Feb and Attack on Titan 2, Atelier Lydie And Suelle, Scribblemauts Showdown and Kirby for March. It's not a bad lineup. It just only has one Nintendo title in it. Once they have another direct and reveal the rest of the year I don't think people will complain much about the first few months.

  • +2
Medisti (on 31 January 2018)

There are decent games coming out. But, look at what the PS4 has lined up. Monster Hunter World, Dragon Ball FighterZ, Shadow of the Colossus, God of War. Nintendo doesn't have a single release that can compete with those during the same period

  • +1
Paatar (on 31 January 2018)

True! However, we don't know how Nintendo Labo could fair. It could be a smash hit easily outselling DBFZ and SotC. Kirby could also outsell SotC depending on how well it does with the other titles around. Either way, a lot of the momentum for the Switch rn is its back catalog and the incoming Pokemon and stuff.

  • +1
Medisti (on 31 January 2018)

Labo may be a smash hit with the audience who bought 1 2 Switch, but the "core gamers" won't pick it up. There's very slim pickings for them on Switch right now. Bayonetta 1 + 2 is basically it.

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OTBWY (on 31 January 2018)

Switch is the REALking. Monster that can't be stopped.

Flilix (on 31 January 2018)

Realking? I feel like I've missed something. :p

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OTBWY (on 31 January 2018)

Some muppet said the PS4 was the real king in a Switch article once. Don't know which one. It has become a semi-meme like "killing it".

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TheSource (on 31 January 2018)

The least reported news is that 3DS software will miss their projection for the current fiscal year. They're going to let it die in the March 2019 fiscal year. Historically, 15m in a single year is a good omen. PS1, PS2, PSP, PS3, PS4, GB, GBA, DS, Wii all got to 15m in a single fiscal year. All topped 80m.

Kristof81 (on 31 January 2018)

I don't think that any Playstation, apart from PS4, shipped 15M units in its first year. The same with GB and most likely DS too. Wii, 3DS and PS4 were the only ones which managed it.

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pikashoe (on 31 January 2018)

I don't think he means in there first year. Rather he means any year in the consoles life.

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Kristof81 (on 31 January 2018)

"in a single year" ... you're right. My bad.

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LuccaCardoso1 (on 31 January 2018)

It makes much more sense to compare the first year of each console.

The PS4 sold 13.5 million in its first 12 months. The PS2 sold 10.61 million in its first 13 months. The PS3 sold 10.53 in its first 13 months.

The Xbox 360 sold 7.6 million in its first 13 months. The Xbox One sold a little less than 10 million in its first 11 months.

The Wii sold 20.14 million in its first 13 months.

So yeah, the Switch is the second best-selling home console in its first year, and it hasn't been out for a year yet. It's hard to predict how well it will sell, but if they can keep the momentum, it's easy to imagine the Switch being the one of the best if not the best selling console ever.

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JSG87 (on 31 January 2018)

It literally says on their earning report that there arw consolidated sold numbers lol. Anyway it's a fantastic result for 10 months on the market regardless.

ROCKY223 (on 31 January 2018)

OMG NINTENDO STOP you're going wild now

Redguy (on 31 January 2018)

I knew odyssey would do well,i was expecting 7-7.5m by 2017 but 9MILLION?!? ODYSSEY IS A MONSTER

curl-6 (on 31 January 2018)

All that pent up demand for a truly epic and ambitious HD 3D Mario blew up like Krakatoa

Paatar (on 31 January 2018)

Please correct the title. The 14.86m is sold-through to consumers. Not shipped.

Ryng_Tolu (on 31 January 2018)

is shipped

  • +2
Megiddo (on 31 January 2018)

It is sold through to retailers, not customers, i.e. shipped.

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LuccaCardoso1 (on 31 January 2018)

So VGChartz is very wrong here saying that the Switch sold 12.3M.

Medisti (on 31 January 2018)

It sold 12.3M. And then in addition to that sold even more. ;)

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Ryng_Tolu (on 31 January 2018)

There is not even a chance Switch has >2.5 million units in stock.

Just like everyone were saying, Switch is undertracked.

  • +3
LuccaCardoso1 (on 31 January 2018)

That doesn't even make sense... VGChartz should be able to give us a number close to what it really sold, and saying that a system sold 2.5M less than it actually sold pretty much ends your credibility as a sales source.

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CrazyGamer2017 (on 31 January 2018)

Read the title here again, There is a difference between "shipped" and "sold". So we are still waiting to hear how many Switches have been sold. We know now how many have been shipped.

  • -4
ARamdomGamer (on 31 January 2018)

Chill Odyssey.

Luke888 (on 31 January 2018)

can't chill when you turn into a Lava Bubble

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Dravenet7 (on 31 January 2018)

My Favorite thing about this is that Xenoblade 2 is doing well

Nogamez (on 31 January 2018)

Title is wrong! Thats is sell through not shipped.

Poweranimals (on 31 January 2018)

Then they have to admit that their numbers are way off

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Kwaidd (on 31 January 2018)

Holy smokes, those numbers!

shoichi (on 31 January 2018)

Correct the title please. It's sold-through not shipped

Nautilus (on 31 January 2018)

Dont forget me!

SKMBlake (on 31 January 2018)

Sold, not shipped

polofresco (on 31 January 2018)

SMG is a monster!

LuccaCardoso1 (on 31 January 2018)

Submachine Gun?

  • +2
Mr.GameCrazy (on 31 January 2018)

Congrats to Nintendo!

Gamer147 (on 31 January 2018)