Original Xbox Backwards Compatibility Still on Track for 2017

Original Xbox Backwards Compatibility Still on Track for 2017 - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 13 October 2017 / 2,016 Views

Head of Xbox Phil Spencer in an interview with GameSpot confirmed original Xbox backwards compatibility is still coming to the Xbox One in 2017. 

"We're close, we're really close," Spencer said when about Xbox backwards compatibility. "I have a little dashboard I go to and I can see all the games [and] where they are in getting approvals in the pipeline. I know the games that are coming for the original Xbox but I don't think we've announced them all. We have to do this in partnership with partners, but we're still on track. I feel really good. The games look great."


"Oh yeah," added Spencer when asked about it coming in 2017. "There's some stuff we're going to talk about in that space in terms of how compatibility's going to work on [Xbox One] X specifically that I think people will find pretty interesting.

"Some of the games hold up really well; some of them don't. But the gameplay mechanics and the smile [you got] on your face 15 years ago playing those games, those are things that are still there. I see it, like getting back to playing Crimson Skies, [it's] fantastic, and the game actually looks really good even though it's obviously been around."

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dx11332sega (on 13 October 2017)

hope before december

Mr Puggsly (on 13 October 2017)

Looking forward to this, hopefully they're working with 3rd parties to really get some notable stuff.

Zoombael (on 16 October 2017)

Yeah. More old games. Just what the fools community needs.

Ben360live (on 13 October 2017)

Not sure how much I will use this but it's an excellent feature for those that will. That being said I have used 360 backward compatibility to go back to unfinished games much more than I thought I would initially.

malistix1985 (on 13 October 2017)

Really love that they are doing this, KOTOR please! :D

SecondWar (on 13 October 2017)

Slightly premature, but I bought KOTOR specifically for this.

  • -3
Azuren (on 13 October 2017)

You probably should have just grabbed it for PC... Or your cell phone.

  • -2
SecondWar (on 13 October 2017)

I don't play games in my PC. Besides, even if they don't geton the Xbox One I can still play them in my 360.

  • -1
Azuren (on 13 October 2017)

It's also on your phone, you know.

  • -2