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Games to Watch Out for From EGX 2017 - Part 1

Games to Watch Out for From EGX 2017 - Part 1 - Article

by Dan Carreras , posted on 25 September 2017 / 1,562 Views

It’s that time of year again, and like clockwork here are my games to watch out for from EGX 2017. These articles cover games that really piqued my interest while scouting the showfloor at this year's EGX in Birmingham, UK.


Off Grid 


It’s a shame that I played Off Grid in a crowded room, so I couldn't fully appreciate it. But what's clear is the amount of detail in the game, from the story to the gameplay mechanics shown off in the demo, is ludicrous. It's a short demo that has you infiltrating an office suite, using the tools in your open source glasses to see messages through walls (showing the locations of guards, for example) or hacking equipment around the office.

Off Grid is scheduled to release sometime next year. You can find out more about it via the game's official website here.




Jettomero is an awesome-looking and incredibly charming indie title that really stands out. You play as the titular Jettomero, a tall rocket man who explores a solar system looking to help the inhabitants of planets he lands on. The catch, which you’ll notice when you begin to wander around, is that he is incredibly unwieldy and also happens to crush everything in his path.

Our adorable hero's little cries of "sorry!" or "I didn’t mean to do that, I was only trying to help!" bellow out, quickly building up the game's sense of charm. At any moment you can hold down the right trigger to explode off into space, hunting down other planets to 'help'. The presentation alone drew me in, but the charm is what had me talking to friends about Jettomero the second I got home. 

Jettomero is already available to purchase via Steam.


Ava Airborne 

Ava Airborne is a remarkably simple but addictive iOS game that has you avoiding obstacles in the air, with the aim of travelling as far as possible through the map, competing against other players to get as far as possible. It reminded me of the infamous Flappy Wings, or the conceptually similar Alto Adventure, and it was interesting to discuss the design process and difficulties with a member of the development team.

These games don't appeal to everyone but I could certainly see Ava Airborne proving to be extremely popular; don’t be surprised if you see it featured on your iPhone, iPad, or Apple TV in the near future. Ava Airborne is slated to release this November. 

Sonic Forces 

I know, I know, yet another Sonic game. But the franchise could be in for a good run of form, following on from Sonic Mania's success last month. While Mania went to the series' retro roots, Forces builds on the mechanics introduced in Sonic Generations, combining that game's 3D fluidity with modern visuals. The customisation element feels gimmicky, but the gameplay itself had me feeling a glimmer of hope for what could be a good 3D Sonic game. Time will tell when Sonic Forces launches in November.


Aegis M

Aegis M

I’m a sucker for tower defence games. I feel I need to make that clear before introducing Aegis M, the lovechild of a committed developer who has been working on this title in his spare time for the last four years while at the same time holding down a full time job. Aegis M has you controlling a top-down character with its own gun, making your way across a battlefield, placing down turrets, or attacking enemies with your own guns and abilities should you so wish. For every enemy defeated, you’re given a coin, which in turn can be used to purchase ammo or purchase structures. 

If at this point you think you’ve heard it all before, the twist is that this can all be played in a multiplayer environment, and all manner of different co-op modes are available for the game. The developer even showed me at one point a Call of Duty-style zombies mode, where teams of players have to survive as long as possible against an endless armada of zombie enemies. 

Aegis M truly looks set to be an addictive game. You can find out more about it via the developer's website here.

A graduate in Computing, Dan is a games developer and writer. His first game, Twixel, was released for iOS, Android, PC and Mac in 2015, with it being released on Steam November 2016. A lover of all things games, Dan has been writing for VGChartz.com for over 2 years, attending conferences and interviewing developers to get the best content for VGChartz readers. His favourite games include Asura's Wrath, S.T.A.L.K.E.R and the Halo Series.

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