350,000 Sega Genesis Games Sold on Steam in Last Month

350,000 Sega Genesis Games Sold on Steam in Last Month - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 17 May 2016 / 4,179 Views

Sega released a a new hub for the Genesis library on Windows PC via Steam last month. 350,000 Sega Genesis games have been sold.

The hub for the Genesis, known as the Mega Drive in most regions outside North America, went live on April 28th with added mod support.


"We’re really chuffed that the fans have got behind this update," Sega Europe’s director of digital distribution James Schall said.

"350,000 sales is a phenomenal achievement for content which is over 20 years old! It shows that there’s still a huge following out for the Sega Mega Drive and Genesis, reinvigorated by the fantastic community of modders out there uploading great content."

Thanks MCVUK.


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Darwinianevolution (on 17 May 2016)

Good news for Sega. This and the success of the 3D Classics on the 3DS really sends a strong message for more retro content. I wonder if they'll try to resurrect one of their old IPs as a result of this.

shikamaru317 (on 17 May 2016)

I hope so. Apparently they're making a Shinobi movie soon, so I could see a new Shinobi game alongside it. A Streets of Rage reboot would be most welcome as well.

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FentonCrackshell (on 17 May 2016)

What happened to the side scrolling "best em up" games? Why does the industry think all we wanna do is shoot things?

cjdakahank (on 17 May 2016)

I would just absolute cry with joy if Sega announced a new 2D iteration to their very much relevant streets of rage series

Johnw1104 (on 17 May 2016)

I wonder if the price of the carts might drop ever so slightly because of the steam availability... probably not.

Stoneysilence (on 18 May 2016)

May push them higher because some people may play them on Steam then want to collect the originals...

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