Splatoon Tops 400K First Week Worldwide, Drives Wii U Sales up 118% - VGChartz
Splatoon Tops 400K First Week Worldwide, Drives Wii U Sales up 118%

Splatoon Tops 400K First Week Worldwide, Drives Wii U Sales up 118% - Sales

by William D'Angelo , posted on 07 July 2015 / 7,101 Views

Hit Wii U exclusive Splatoon sold 408,440 units in its first week worldwide at retail (week ending May 30), according to the VGChartz Global Weekly Chart.

The game helped drive Wii U hardware sales up 118 percent to 57,901 units, and software sales up 238 percent to 598,418 units.

Splatoon was released on May 28 in Japan and May 29 in North America and Europe.


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fluky-nintendy (on 07 July 2015)

Splatoon proved to be a system seller after all. Very good numbers, with all things considered!

  • -16
Clyde32 (on 07 July 2015)

It actually has been proven to sell to the Japanese market.

  • +8
lonerism (on 07 July 2015)

system seller

illdill1987 (on 07 July 2015)

I need to quit bein lazy and go buy this game

Mystro-Sama (on 09 July 2015)

I need to quit being broke. :'(

  • +2
Ryng_Tolu (on 07 July 2015)

The most impressive thing of this game is not the lauch... but the scary sales. Will be interesting to see how will do this game this holidays. :-D i bet 2-2.5m by end of 2015 and 3.5-4m lifetime!

  • -6
Skullwaker (on 07 July 2015)

^The game surpassed 1m after 3 weeks...

  • +7
Ryng_Tolu (on 07 July 2015)

Have you see the recently Japanese / UK chartz ???

  • +4
Ultrashroomz (on 07 July 2015)

Amazing! Splatoon is so awesome!

Xeon (on 07 July 2015)

Well done!

Bancho_Villa (on 07 July 2015)

I honestly didn't see this happening. My hat is off.

asqarkabab (on 11 July 2015)

This game is really a blast best new ip in years by nintendo thumbs up

Podings (on 08 July 2015)

I expect over two million sold by Christmas.

FromDK (on 07 July 2015)

Very good start.. But also first "true" nextgen game (some we did'nt see last gen.. from a casual point of view)

Clyde32 (on 07 July 2015)

I'd edit that to say "from nintendo".

  • +1
Podings (on 08 July 2015)

True in some regards, though I personally feel Nintendo Land has been providing a truly original local multiplayer experience since launch.

  • +1
The_Yoda (on 17 July 2015)

Wonderful 101 is cryin in the corner after that comment

  • 0
ExplodingBlock (on 09 July 2015)

Feeling it

z101 (on 08 July 2015)

Rightfully deserved. Best shooter since years.

HBninjaX (on 10 July 2015)

great game but MH4 still takes up most of my gaming time

mine (on 08 July 2015)

Splatoon is THE GAME of 2016. Never was so addicted playing something. It always begins with "just a few rounds" and ends up with having to recharge the GamePad... (as Nintendo doesn't sell its power supply a spare parts :-( - or being lucky as I would play even more if they would :-) )

ExplodingBlock (on 09 July 2015)


  • +1
The_Yoda (on 17 July 2015)

You can buy extra power cords for the gamepad from nintendo and from other vendors ... I think I paid $20 or so for mine from Nintendo after the cats chewed through the thin section of cord.

  • +1

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Maximus2013 (on 10 July 2015)

Regardless still doesn't make me want a Wii U. I'll see what their next console has to offer...

Angelv577 (on 12 July 2015)

me neither but it looks a fun game regardless.

  • +1
kumagawa (on 07 July 2015)

Wii U hardware sales up 118 percent to 57,901 units The NX is so coming next year.

  • -24
Sharpryno (on 07 July 2015)

a better version of this game is a mod for TF2. go download and play!

  • -40
ReimTime (on 08 July 2015)

Holy shit this must be some sort of record XD

  • 0