Final Fantasy Tech Demo Shows Just What Square Enix Can Do

Final Fantasy Tech Demo Shows Just What Square Enix Can Do - Preview

by Gordon Bryant, posted on 07 June 2012 / 97,943 Views

Agni's Philosophy: The Final Fantasy Realtime Demo

is Agny how you spell it?

Agni's Philosophy: Final Fantasy Realtime Demo is quite possibly one of the best looking CG productions I've ever seen; that is, assuming the title isn't lying and it is in fact realtime and not pre-rendered.

Little is said about the demo, other than the fact that it seems to be linked to Final Fantasy in some way or another. It starts off with a sweeping shot of a shantytown, quickly zooming in on the amazingly realistic rendering of what appears to be a semi-toothless homeless man. After the dirty homeless man grins at the camera, his yellowed and rotting teeth glistening in the desert sun, the viewer is whisked off to what appears to be a temple or church as it's being attacked by unnamed military forces.

One worshipper in particular is very intent on defending her church, so she raises her hand to use magic on the assailants, but it appears as though her magic either isn't working right or is malfunctioning, as it takes her a while to aim it and actually hit one of the military men. A thrilling battle ensues, wherein the apparent protagonist escapes and runs through the shantytown, holding an amulet or artifact of some sort. She eventually is found and attacked, but not before she activates the artifact, summoning a massive beast from above, annihilating her assailant. Victorious, the camera quickly zooms out to show the whole city, half of which is beautifully designed and lushly overgrown.

My first thought is that this somehow is related to Final Fantasy XV, as the title does imply it's related to Final Fantasy, but Square's tendency to act strangely of late makes me think it might just be them trying to score hype points by slapping their most famous title on it. That said, the demo did in fact look gorgeous and if this is a taste of in-game graphics from the 'next gen', count me in. That said, we all saw the Final Fantasy VII PS3 Tech Demo, and people are still incessantly whining about how that never became more than a demo, so who knows?

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