Star Trek Game Release Date Annouced

Star Trek Game Release Date Annouced - News

by Jake Weston, posted on 22 December 2012 / 1,520 Views

Following the much hyped trailer for the upcoming film Star Trek Into Darkness, Digital Extremes (Dark Sector, The Darkness II) have revealed the the release date for their tie-in, simply titled Star Trek, which will launch April 26th, 2013.

Unlike many movie tie-in games, Star Trek is an original story, set between the 2009 Star Trek film and Into Darkness. Given the film's multiple delays, this Star Trek game has had a much longer development time than most movie tie-ins, so I remain optimistic. 

Featuring the cast of the film reboots, Star Trek has been turning heads with its unique co-op between Kirk and Spock. Put this on my list of "hopefuls" for 2013. 

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