Terran Forces Will Conquer Koprulu Sector

Terran Forces Will Conquer Koprulu Sector - News

by Craig Snow, posted on 05 March 2013 / 2,013 Views

Despite the in-built balance between the civilisations of StarCraft 2, Terran look set to ultimately prevail, according to two University of Edinburgh astronomy researchers.

'WTF?' is probably your reaction right now, so let me add some context. In an attempt to highlight the benefits that video game technology can have in real scientific research, two astronomy researchers at the University of Edinburgh - Thomas Targett and Duncan Forgan - have published a paper into models of interstellar colonisation based on StarCraft 2.

Using replays from hundreds of StarCraft 2 matches and some complex sciency stuff, they managed to find that "the Terran inhabitants of the fictitious Koprulu Sector, pursuing a strategy of early pressure against their opponents, would eventually conquer their Zerg and Protoss adversaries".

They're keen to stress, of course, that this doesn't represent any development in our understanding of possible extra-terrestrial life, but it's certainly an interesting and somewhat amusing research project. You can read the paper for yourself here.

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