Civilization V: Brave New World Announced

Civilization V: Brave New World Announced - News

by Nick Pantazis, posted on 15 March 2013 / 1,901 Views

Civilization V is getting a little more civilized with a new expansion titled Brave New World. The add-on will deliver highly enhanced diplomacy with the addition of international trade routes and a World Congress.

International trade routes will generate wealth, but also allow civilizations to share other aspects such as science, religion, culture, and the newly created ideology. New wonders and technologies will enhance the effects of these trade routes, but longer trade routes will be vulnerable to attack from your enemies.

Civ V Expansion

The addition of spreading ideology through trade routes has led to a new victory condition, the Culture Victory. A Culture Victory will be achieved by spreading your cultural influence throughout the world through creating artists, musicians, and writers and hosting their great works in museums. Valuable artifacts can be recovered by archaeologists and hosted in these museums as well to enhance your cultural power.

The new World Congress will act as a sort of virtual UN, convening on issues such as the use and development of nuclear armaments and trade agreements. They will also host the World Games, a Civilization version of the Olympics. The new World Congress will be involved in winning diplomatic victories as well.

In addition to these big gameplay additions, Brave New World will feature new wonders, units, and two new scenarios. Between the States puts players in the American Civil War and Scramble for Africa is, as it sounds, a battle for exploration and control over Africa.

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