A Look at Katamari Creator Keita Takahasi's Latest Game

A Look at Katamari Creator Keita Takahasi's Latest Game - Article

by VGChartz Staff, posted on 24 June 2013 / 1,360 Views

On my travels around the Rezzed show floor I saw a lot of strange and wonderful things: A giant worm, various men in extraordinary hats, and Tenya Wanya Teens

Tenya Wanya Teens is the latest, slightly eccentric, game to come out of the mind of Keita Takahashi: the man behind the Katamari franchise. Unlike his previous efforts, Tenya Wanye Teens will probably never see a release on consoles, and thats because you can only play it using some very unique controllers. 

The controllers are essentially wooden boxes with a joystick, and 16 buttons that light up and change colour. You must hit these buttons at the right time in order to progress through a series of ridiculous challenges. If you have the highest score by the time you get to bed, you'll win the game. It's simple, it's vibrant, and it's stupidly entertaining. 

Because I wanted to give you guys a chance to see the game for yourself, I decided to break through the crowd of curious expo attendees and film the game in action. Check out the footage below. 

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