Landmark Gives You an Open World to Claim

Landmark Gives You an Open World to Claim - Preview

by VGChartz Staff, posted on 12 June 2014 / 1,530 Views

Landmark, by Sony Online Entertainment (SOE), is both a unique game, and a testing ground for EverQuest Next. For all intents and purposes, Landmark is a prettier and more functional version of the immensely popular Minecraft. The overworld is a large sandbox area where players can stake claims on land and create practically anything the mind can imagine. While all of this is going on, SOE is using feedback and in-game processes as a building ground for EverQuest Next.


The world of Landmark is totally destructible, or creatable if the player so chooses. By gathering resources from around the world, just like in Minecraft, users can create some insanely intricate structures, including castles, pyramids, and more.

What separates this game from Minecraft is the highly useful tools that are provided to enhance the building process. There are tools to select areas, copy and paste designs, add textures, and much more. No longer will creations be consisting of nothing but blocks.

Another neat feature is the inclusion of an in-game search engine. Each landmark is able to be tagged and submitted to the game's directory, allowing other users to quickly search for their favorite designs and navigate to them with a few clicks of their mouse.


Users can also create and sell pieces of a design on an in-game marketplace, for real-life cash. There are already reports of people making thousands of dollars a month by selling intricate buildings and textures.

The demo we were shown did not feature the inclusion of monsters, death, or NPCs, but we were assured they would be in the final product, with multiple game modes to suit each gamer's desired level of action.

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