Xbox Boss Phil Spencer: Rare Important Part of Xbox One Success - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 14 August 2014 / 6,367 Views

Xbox boss Phil Spencer spoke with CVG at Gamescom about the importance of Rare at Microsoft's Xbox division. The last three games the developer worked on were all for the Kinect.

Sales for Kinect Sports Rivals were below expectations and the future of the studio was unknown. Rare had laid off employees, because Microsoft was changing up the development process at the studio. However, Spencer reiterated that Rare is a key part of the Xbox division and its success.

"I'm a Rare fan from the N64 days - that's kind of where my relationship with them was built," said Spencer. The range of genres that Rare exceeded at on N64 was crazy; you go from GoldenEye, to Conker and Banjo, Diddy Kong Racing... they were all over the place and they nailed a wide variety of genres. So I don't see them as a 'certain genre' studio: their strength has always been in their diversity."

Spencer added that he doesn't want Rare to be known as the developer of Kinect titles, saying the developer is more valuable than that.

"Right now with Rare we're at a point where I don't want the Rare brand to mean Kinect Sports," said Spencer. "The Rare brand can be more valuable to them, to us and to gamers than that."

"I think it's about them thinking about the next game that's going to be the next 'Rare game' and really stand for what they are," continued Spencer. "I know they've got some great ideas. I've not been up to Twycross for maybe six months, but I'm planning on getting up there this fall and seeing bits for the new game. But I know they're hard at work and Phil Harrison has been up talking to them."

"So they've got some new ideas, they're excited about them and I think Rare should, can and will be an important part of our game future," concluded Spencer.


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Experimental42 (on 14 August 2014)

Didn't the people that made Rare a good company leave a long time ago?

FujiokaMidori (on 16 August 2014)

YES, and that's why I don't understand why people still give two fucks for Rare. It's like saying "YEAH, THE BEATLES, BUT WITHOUT JOHN, PAUL, GEORGE OR RINGO... BUT IT'S THE BEATLES GUYS!!!!"

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blessedswine (on 15 August 2014)

MS has killed everything that was good at Rare and should allow them to do whatever they want, they have created some of my favorite games of all time, but now they are making just total crap.

NickK (on 15 August 2014)

Since Rare was bought by Microsoft, it went from bad to worse. They need to be owned by Nintendo!

solidpumar (on 14 August 2014)

The art of speaking and saying nothing, and then the media covering as news. Priceless.

JohannStein (on 15 August 2014)

Rare should go back to Nintendo

ExplodingBlock (on 15 August 2014)


Rafie (on 14 August 2014)

Then Mr. Spencer you'll be making that Battletoads game we've been asking for, right.....RIGHT?! Please? LOL

archer9234 (on 14 August 2014)

By doing articles about Rares importance just keeps showing people how poor the company is doing at making games now. MS really needs to give them something to prove they aren't a waste of a company.