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by VGChartz Staff , posted on 08 November 2013 / 86,367 Views

Welcome to a new set of feature articles from VGChartz. In conjunction with, we will be bringing you a user-voted list of the highest-rated games across a series of platforms, years and genres over the coming weeks and months.

Gamewise was co-founded by the creator of VGChartz in January 2013 and is a leading online destination for the creation and sharing of user-created video game knowledge and discussion with more than 3.5 million unique users per month. Registered users on Gamewise can build full games collections to show off their favourite titles and rate games on a scale of 1 to 5 stars (in 0.5 star increments). The scores are aggregated to produce our "Top 20 Best..." lists - if you want to influence these lists and feel like your favourite games aren't where they should be then be sure to rate and have your say!

A final point - since this is a live system where average scores are constantly changing, the list below will represent just one snapshot in time, be sure to check the live list on Gamewise for the latest order.

The Top 20 Best PlayStation 3 Games

  1. Grand Theft Auto V (2013)
  2. The Last of Us (2013)
  3. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (2011)
  4. Journey (2012)
  5. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (2009)
  6. Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception (2011)
  7. God of War III (2010)
  8. Portal 2 (2011)
  9. BioShock Infinite (2013)
  10. Mass Effect 2 (2010)
  11. The Walking Dead: A Telltale Games Series (2012)
  12. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots (2008)
  13. Red Dead Redemption (2010)
  14. Heavy Rain (2010)
  15. Batman: Arkham Asylum (2009)
  16. Saints Row IV (2013)
  17. Assassin's Creed II (2009)
  18. Gran Turismo 5 (2010) 
  19. Demon's Souls (2009)
  20. Batman: Arkham City (2011)

You can see the full, live list here - Top 100 Playstation 3 Games

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ryuzaki57 (on 08 November 2013)

Chrono Trigger is a PS3 game? I don't think it's very relevant to include games from past generations...

  • -6
ryuzaki57 (on 08 November 2013)

I did, but my view on this remains unchanged

  • +2
DemoniOtaku (on 08 November 2013)

I read it too.. a list of the best PS3 games with Non-ps3 games... WTf?!

  • +1
Zkuq (on 08 November 2013)

I so agree. I'd understand including all those games if the list updated in real time but it doesn't. Even the article says it's just a snapshot of one moment! It means a human saved the list and could (and should) have edited it at the same time. This? Laziness, nothing more. Well, advertising, too, which seems to the main purpose of this 'article'.

  • +1
Simulacrum (on 08 November 2013)

What the fuck.

kekrot (on 08 November 2013)

Lol FF7 and Crash Bandicoot 3. Great games, but not PS3 games.

late_release (on 08 November 2013)

This is as relevant as me pissing every day

WagnerPaiva (on 08 November 2013)

Good job with the pissing man, I am proud of you

  • +3
soulfly666 (on 08 November 2013)

The fact that Bad Company 2, Borderlands 2, Gran Turismo 5, and Killzone 2 aren't on this list is ridiculous.

FujiokaMidori (on 08 November 2013)

Not even half of these are PS3 games.

Wonktonodi (on 08 November 2013)

if you don't count the multi platform games
otherwise it's 13

  • 0
RoryGamesFree (on 08 November 2013)

no Gran Turismo 5? seriously? the best driving game of this generation and you don't even mention it in the top 20? FAIL.

freedquaker (on 08 November 2013)

I agree, Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped is an awesome game, but how is it a ps3 game? I remember fond memories playing it on a ps1

Runa216 (on 08 November 2013)

What the actual f*ck?

WagnerPaiva (on 08 November 2013)

This list is so idiotic, those are not even PS3 games, Jesus Christ

Wonktonodi (on 08 November 2013)

How hard would it be to manually take games off the list that are old or not even on the system? then make a note saying that if you look at it yourself it will be slightly different for those reasons instead of using it to justify a terribly flawed list? Also how long ago was the snapshot taken? since Kingdom hearts is now 10 and wasn't even on the list here. I was really expecting a nice list made by the staff with some commentary backing up decisions. Not this mess.

DemoniOtaku (on 08 November 2013)

What a laughable list... Minecraft released on PS3? WHEN? MGS3?! the HD Edition instead of MGS4? halfLife 2? mas Effect? and uncharted 3 above Uncharted 2?! What a joke is this!

Meret (on 08 November 2013)


DamnTastic (on 08 November 2013)

stopped going to gamewise. I can't stand the people there. Oh and this list is....

Serious_frusting (on 08 November 2013)

This list shows the reason why I think most people have terrible taste in games. With that said I would play about 7-8 games on this list. That is kind of bad considering its supposed to be the "best" 20 games the system has to offer.

Wonktonodi (on 10 November 2013)

Nice to see it's been updated

avrwc2 (on 10 November 2013)

Demon's Souls is by far the best and most innovative game on the PS3 and anywhere. Having it #19 is an insult and it's incorrect.

WagnerPaiva (on 08 November 2013)

This is so ridiculous that I will not read any Vgchartz article for 3 months, only forums and charts from now on.

WagnerPaiva (on 08 November 2013)

That is the most stupid list I ever seen in my life, you might as well include the following good titles: - Enduro. - Louis C.K. - ice cream, - a camel. - Santiago do chile.

vodkasosa1000 (on 10 November 2013)

where the fuck is GTA IV ?

Moonhero (on 08 November 2013)


gtcarro (on 08 November 2013)

Best PS3 games are: The Last of Us, Uncharted (1,2&3) and killzone (2&3)

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Michael-5 (on 08 November 2013)

I? What the?.....even your actual PS3 games seem to be chosen at random. I think The Last of Us is seriously over-rated, it's nowhere nearly as good as Uncharted 2.