Professor Layton Series Tops 15m Sold, Ni no Kuni 1.4m - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 27 August 2013 / 4,199 Views

Japanese publisher Level-5 has released sales figures for many of its bigger franchises at a press conference this week.

Ni no Kuni, which is available for the PlayStation 3 and DS, has sold 1.4 million units worldwide. The PlayStation 3 version has sold 689,044 units in Japan and the DS version 569,443 units. That would mean the PlayStation 3 version has sold more than 700,000 units outside of Japan. The DS version was only released in Japan.

Other sales given include the Guild franchise which has more than 400,000 digital sales worldwide. The Professor Layton franchise has topped 15 million units worldwide and the Inazuma Eleven franchise 6.5 million units worldwide.

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mjk45 (on 28 August 2013)

It's strange if you take Vgchartz PS3 figures and add them to their DS figures it comes to 1.4 mill ,but the featue reads as combined they have sold 1.4mill but the Op assumes that it is just for the PS3.

ebw (on 27 August 2013)

PS3 Ni no Kuni sold 689,044 units in Japan?? This is very different from VGChartz estimates and it also contradicts your other figures (700,000 + 689,044 + 569,443 is not 1.4 million).

Iveyboi (on 27 August 2013)

Wish Ni No Kuni DS would make it west :-(

NoirSon (on 27 August 2013)

It really just came out at a bad time, like Okamiden, with the 3DS on the horizon. If they could have ported a enhanced version of it to the 3DS, they would have probably gotten that one localized in other territories.

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