Namco Bandai Profits Up 68%, Soul Calibur 5 Tops 1.7m - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 09 May 2013 / 4,770 Views

Namco Bandai has released its financial report for its fiscal year which ended March 31, 2013. Revenue increased 7.3 percent to ¥487.24 billion, from ¥454.21 billion. Profits jumped 67.8 percent to ¥32.38 billion, from ¥19.30 billion. ¥21 billion of the profits came from Japan, while Europe incurred a loss of ¥630 million.

Early last month, the company announced that Dark Souls has sold 2.3 million units. Also Soul Calibur 5 has sold 1.7 million units and Tekken Tag Tournament 2 has sold 1.5 million units. Naruto Shippuden Storm Generation has sold 1.2 million units, while Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Storm 3 has sold 1 million units.

In Japan, Tales of Xillia 2 for the PlayStation 3 has sold 500,000 units, while One Piece Pirate Warriors 2 for the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita has sold 590,000 units.

Namco Bandai also projects revenue drop 1.5 percent to ¥480 billion for the current fiscal year which ends March 31, 2014. Profits are expected to drop 19.7 percent to ¥26 billion.

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BaldrSkies (on 09 May 2013)

Bandai Namco is the most respectable game publisher in the world. They publish lots of quality games, they don't push unreasonable sales expectations, as a whole they don't take sides for supporting systems, their DLC is reasonable, and they're profitable!

Nem (on 10 May 2013)

Dont forget: and they spit on your face when it comes to localising their games. Wheres Tales of Hearts and Innocence? Will God Eater 2 even come out here? Why dont they release One piece 2 on the Vita when it was a smashing sucess in Japan? No, they are not the wonder you make them out to be. Their localisation of the Tales games they choose to bring also takes years on end.

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LevelUP (on 09 May 2013)

Lol these sales figure would actually cause Square Enix to go bankrupt XDDD

Nem (on 10 May 2013)

My opinion is the company has such profts but they cant be bothered to bring the the Tales games over besides some PS3 entries. They also take ages with the localisation process and dont let anyone else bring their titles over if they wont. Its an uncertainty if any of their titles gets released overseas besides Tekken, soul calibur and the Souls series. Also where is the mention of the failure and waste of resources that the Star Trek game is?!

miqdadi (on 11 May 2013)

Best thing is to know your size and work on it, If U act like EA, and now Square Enix, U'll definitely be in trouble, Just stay at your size and U'll make Profit

MANUELF (on 10 May 2013)

Im surprised soul calibur 5 sold that much, I coul find the game at 50% off 2 months after releaseand that is pretty rare in mexico

ghettoglamour (on 09 May 2013)

has sold has sold has sold has sold. I'm not a native English speaker, but even I would write with more variety of words...

happydolphin (on 09 May 2013)

has sold

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zuvuyeay (on 09 May 2013)

goody time as year we get to see all the figures,i bought dark souls

krafty89 (on 09 May 2013)

Tekken Tag 2: 1.5million VG chartz: 0.77million (Fair to say this is undertracked)

Nem (on 09 May 2013)

Something tells me their numbers are shipped.

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DemoniOtaku (on 09 May 2013)

and SCV is 1mm and it got digital just recently for PS3... :/

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krafty89 (on 09 May 2013)

Yes, of course, but thats alot of unaccounted sales.

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ktay95 (on 10 May 2013)

its probably shipped but still, its undertracked. how often do you think vgc are within 5% of actual sales

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NoirSon (on 13 May 2013)

To be fair Bandai Namco unlike a lot of publishers has a lot of money in other venues like animation and such. So even if their numbers just break even on the game front, licenses are probably the main source of income for the company as a whole. Still not a fan of their policies as lately they have all but stopped exporting their products out of Japan.

wolfofthepack (on 10 May 2013)

as they saying goes "eat little and live long" thats y i love namco they just get tings right

wolfofthepack (on 10 May 2013)

as they saying goes "eat little and live long" thats y i love namco they just get tings right

ryuzaki57 (on 10 May 2013)

So business in Europe is in the red... That doesn't seem good for future localisations.

DemoniOtaku (on 09 May 2013)

well.. 1.7mm for SCV is a decent number.. so NamcoBandai why not announce a SCIV already for PS3/360/ps4 and Vita?!

Barozi (on 09 May 2013)

Why would you want a SCIV (that already exists) when you could have a SCVI ? :P

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