Rumor: Next Xbox to be Unveiled April 26 - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 25 February 2013 / 6,220 Views

The next generation Xbox is set to be unveiled on April 26 according to a rumor. Rob Crossley Tweeted the news yesterday saying that a trusted source provided him the date. The announcement will come two months after the PlayStation 4 was unveiled if the rumor turns out to be true.

"The next Xbox event is scheduled for April 26th, I’ve been told by someone I trust. Microsoft may change date, obvs, but diarise tentatively," said Rob Crossley in a Tweet.

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TheShape31 (on 25 February 2013)

"diarise"? WTF?

FujiokaMidori (on 26 February 2013)

So much that can go well... and so much that can go wrong. Everyone knows how popular the 360 is nowadays in the americas. I hope microsoft doesn't get cocky because of that, it's just that history may repeat itself again: The third console from a company usually performs the poorest. I'm not saying it will have bad games, or be a bad system overall, it's just because of stupid cocky selfish desicions, third genenrations have always performed bad: Nintendo 64, Saturn, PS3. ¿Can Microsoft break the curse?

Axerob (on 26 February 2013)

Technically the third console released by sega was the megadrive/genesis, as the SG-1000/1000-2 was the first system released, then the SMS, then the genesis. ;)

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