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03/09/10 Sega
02/26/09 Sega
03/12/10 Sega

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Farming the beach
After you get the orphanage on Okinawa during the second time you are there, your mission will be find Shiro. As you go to the beach to find out what is going on with Shiro, you will see two children on the right-hand front corner of the yard. Go to them and look in the corner for a sparkle. Pick it up, and it will be a worm. Go to the beach. Look for any boxes or garbage on the shore.

Once you find something and open it, then go to the fishing pole. Choose to go fishing. Note: You can only fish if you have bait. Once in the fishing mini-game, you will get some choices: "Go fishing", "Read instructions on how to fish", or "Not now". Choose "Not now" and you will be free to roam the beach again. Look along the beach again for another box or piece of garbage. You can also farm the worms to fish with, one at a time. --Choose to practice your fishing skills. You can fish, then search the beach, and go back to the location where you found the worm. Collect it again and go back to the beach. --Note: The beach will not repopulate until you have gone fishing. The mini-game resets the beach for the box or garbage finding.
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As of: March 31st, 2009

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Mr Puggsly posted 30/12/2015, 07:37
Just finished this game. Not bad, better gameplay than 1 and 2. I have Yakuza 4 and 5 in the backlog as well.
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italo244 posted 01/12/2011, 04:15
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italo244 posted 19/11/2011, 11:25
2.71k to 1 million!
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axumblade posted 19/11/2011, 08:03
Looks like it'll be close but I think this can pull off the official million by the end of the year. :D
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cars298 posted 09/11/2011, 12:27
cool action game..
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Troll_Whisperer posted 09/11/2011, 12:54
3,793 units to go.
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