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Alternative Names

キングダム ハーツ 3D ドリーム ドロップ ディスタンス


Square Enix



Release Dates

07/31/12 Square Enix
03/29/12 Square Enix
07/20/12 Square Enix

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Owners: 112
Favorite: 14
Tracked: 4
Wishlist: 31
Now Playing: 14

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Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance - Summary

King Mickey and Yen Sid prepare for an impending threat by putting Sora and Riku through the Mark of Mastery exam. Sora and Riku are sent into the Sleeping Worlds, where they will face enemies and allies that have never been seen before. If they can successfully complete the task they are given, they will be deemed true Keyblade Masters.

Source: Publisher

Shipping Total

1,300,000 Units
As of: December 31st, 2017

Opinion (67)

Azhraell posted 08/09/2014, 08:18
This game is great, almost as good as chain of memories or bbs. Now square give my kingdom hearts 3
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AshKetchum1992 posted 14/03/2014, 02:22
I love this game
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supernihilist posted 18/02/2014, 06:45
nice game, i liked it way more than the DS ones
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AshKetchum1992 posted 05/11/2013, 03:31
I want to play this one
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think-man posted 24/10/2013, 09:31
Still overtracked.
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DieAppleDie posted 02/04/2013, 01:17
i own this, waiting for the XL CPP
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