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Seiken Densetsu DS: Children of Mana

聖剣伝説DS Children Of Mana


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11/01/06 Nintendo
03/02/06 Square Enix
01/12/07 Nintendo

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In the center of the world, the Mana Tree grows, sheltering everyone under its strong limbs. Its magic protects the world, but that power has grown too strong and has begun to surge across the land, corrupting all that it touches. Now, a handful of young heroes must band together to restore the magic of the Mana Tree and save Illusia.
  • To arms! Take up sword, flail, hammer and bow, and strike back at the evil that corrupts the heart of Mana.
  • Unlock the power of the gems. Players pick from more than 180 magic gems to customize their characters with new abilities that suit their playing styles and to prepare for intense, fast-paced battles.
  • Play the adventure solo or with friends in four-player local wireless games. Players take on the most difficult challenges, fight formidable foes and even fight one another for loot.

Game storyline: Ten years before the game begins, a great cataclysm struck, and the land of Illusia was besieged by monsters. Now, the Mana Tree has been corrupted by her own power, and mysterious pillars of Mana energy have appeared throughout the land. Each of these pillars has corrupted the power of the guardian spirits in those lands. With the help of the Sword of Mana, the player must free each of these guardian spirits from the corrupting magic and help restore order the Mana Tree and the land of Illusia itself.

Ferrik: When he was little, his life was saved by a nameless swordsman. Since then, he has dreamt of becoming a swordsman himself. He lost his parents and older sister in the cataclysm.
Tess: She devotes all of her time to studying the Mana Tree and its relation to the Mana Goddess.
Poppen: He is a skilled and fearless magician from the desert of Jadd.
Tamber: She's a young and agile dancer and acrobat. She lost her younger brother and parents in the cataclysm.
Wanderer: Cast out from the niccolos (a species known for being merchants) for his wanderlust, he is both loyal and compassionate, although he tries to act cool and detached.

How to progress through the game: Children of Mana is an action/adventure role-playing game. Players start in a "hub" town in Illusia and travel to different locations (dungeons) throughout the world. Each dungeon contains an assortment of monsters. At the end of the dungeon is a corrupted spirit "boss" they must defeat to free the pure spirit within. All battles are real-time: Players use button combos to attack with different weapons, including flails, bows, swords and mallets. Players can summon elemental spirits to attack enemies as well, or they can use the power of the spirits to enhance their weapons' attack powers.

Any of the game's dungeons can be played solo, but one to four players can team up to play dungeons together using DS Wireless Play. Each player needs a separate game card - DS Download Play is not supported. The game's difficulty level scales depending on how many players are involved. Players cannot harm one another, but they can stun each other with their attacks. This gives the game a competitive aspect as players race to grab items for themselves. Players can team up against a challenging boss creature and then scramble to beat one another to whatever rare items that boss drops once it has been defeated.

Special powers/weapons/moves/features: As players gain in experience, they will become able to use weapons and armor that they couldn't use earlier. Players can then customize those weapons by adding different gems to a "gem frame."

Gems add new abilities to weapons and improve a character's statistics. They can change a character's defense and attack levels or even give their weapons new attacks. There are more than 180 gems of varying rarity, each with a different effect on the player's character.

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Opinion (6)

PhantomLink posted 21/03/2012, 05:34
This game sucks.... the ending sucks too
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gustavohenrique posted 30/12/2011, 02:57
Yes, this isn't good like Legend of Mana.
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JazzB1987 posted 28/04/2011, 03:31
children of repetitive cleaning 1 room over and over again gameplay
Message | Report
Fededx posted 11/04/2010, 02:40
Awful game, this was my first DS game and I sold it. I had high expectations, what a dissappointment... Hated it
Message | Report
IxisNaugus posted 28/04/2009, 01:18
I'm still holding out for a remake of SD3 with online co-op for Wiiware/NDS. Children wasn't as bad as some people make it out to be, it was definitely better than Heroes of Mana. Still, this game was annoying, why can't they just go back to the classic Mana formula?
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Foshoryuken posted 10/05/2008, 06:48
They should have called this game children of pu-na-na.

A great franchise ruined by Square. Good Job.
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