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X360, Series

Release Dates

10/17/08 Valve Corporation
11/21/08 Zoo Corporation
11/21/08 Electronic Arts

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Left 4 Dead - Summary

"Left 4 Dead is a multiplayer cooperative survival horror shooter in development by Valve Corporation based on the Source engine. There are two sides, the Survivors and Infected. Four players control the four Survivors, working their way through campaigns in rural and urban areas, fighting off dozens of the AI-controlled "infected" (fast, 28 Days Later style zombies). On top of the regular zombies, there are four player-controlled "boss zombies" all with unique powers for causing chaos. This mix of the dozens of AI-controlled infected zombies and the boss zombies makes for an entirely fresh co-op experience. Release is scheduled for the PC and Xbox 360 in November 2008."

Shipping Total

4,604,960 Units
As of: July 1st, 2018

Opinion (15)

drakesfortune posted 29/11/2009, 04:18
PC Sales are probably impossible to track, given that a huge chunk of the sales happen over the net via download.
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TheConduit posted 17/09/2009, 05:49
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cr00mz posted 03/08/2009, 06:17
why doesnt vgchartz track pc games? you too "sophisticated" for that? anyway does anyone know where i can see how much this has sold on pc*?
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Rainbird posted 26/05/2009, 11:00
@ ant

We don't track sales of PC games
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antfromtashkent posted 31/03/2009, 06:45
where r the sales stats? Does this mean the 360 version includes the PC sales?
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ameratsu posted 13/03/2009, 05:00
This is most fun I've had with a FPS in a long time. Fantastic game, can't wait for the DLC to come.
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