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ギアーズ オブ ウォー 2


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11/07/08 Microsoft Game Studios
07/30/09 Microsoft Game Studios
11/07/08 Microsoft Game Studios

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The EmotionActionRollercoaster

10th Apr 2009 | 7,764 views 


User Score

Presentation - 10
Gameplay - 10
Value - 9.0
The sequel of one of the best games ever made doesn't let you down!

If a game is good, the whole world should know. And you guessed it: I have found another game ...

How often have we not already heard or read "the game industry, the film industry in revenues outdated" and "games, the movies of the 21st century." All PR bullshit, or at best 'wishful thinking' what I am concerned. Because even though there is a core of truth in the quotes (games cost more than a movie ticket or DVD, and thus make more sales soon), the game industry with the best will in the world does not equate to Hollywood .
Give me a few games that truly epic feel of a good film this approach? Games where you really get hit by what is happening? When you sympathy with the main characters? Are forced at looking cutscenes? When you really, but really think you're the main player in an epic story and not someone who drives a doll? Exactly ... then you're done.

The game is 110% hardcore, but so that anyone who sees this and is prepared to play the controls to master. I swear to you.
Gears of War 2 is the first Hollywood-game ever made! Even if it is not your genre, you may be disgusted at the American muscle, or never had a controller in your fist have had, then you can not deny that this bizarre game well together.
The speed, framing, details, the action, the epic scenes, seamlessly switches between gameplay and story, developing characters, music, bizarre environments and samples, the wonderful online, alternating between humor and serious illness moments ... that makes you really experience is experiencing the same rollercoaster as if you are in the cinema. Even watching is pure fun! And what other game do you know that has this?

Even stronger
At the end of Gears of War Part 1 a big bomb was going off. That gave you at that time undoubtedly a good feel, but once you start part 2, you'll have retroactive regret it. The Locust are twice as strong back and they have the world at all in their power.
Complete cities inside the earth the ground sucked. There is only one way to save humanity and that is by attacking the Locust in their home. And that is what GoW2 is all about.
Clifford B. had promised that Gears of War 2 "epic but intimate" would be, and that is precisely the formula of a good Hollywood movie. A good film must be strong and overwhelming action scenes, but also developed characters you can have a band.
Were Marcus Fenix, Marcus Cole and Baird in the first part is mainly one-dimensional muscle bonk with juicy online after that Locust Locust overpacks knalden, now show them for the first time emotion. And do not be afraid, they are not suddenly sandal pipe smoking guests. For example, the wife of Dominique kidnapped by the Locust. The search for her leads to tensions within the team and get its climax in the most talked-about scene I have ever seen in a game.

Unprecedented level
And now that I've played the game, can only confirm that you are indeed in for a lot of surprising things.
I fell from one surprise after another. New characters, new enemies, you get a lot about the origin of the Locust, and you will find yourself in some of the most beautiful sites and scenes you are ever encountered in a game, brute level boss battles (brute in the sense of image not so much of difficulty, GoW2 is not Ninja Gaiden III), etc.
The detail that Epic put in the ga,e, the film camera lining, the super-smooth transitions between gameplay and pieces "movie" ... it's all an unprecedented level and keeps you the whole game on the tip of your seat. 
Except a repetitive and dull level with a tank .

Finishing moves
Quite a lot about where I can and must say the controls and the gameplay itself. Gears of War turned to guns, cover and shoot outs in often brutal and apocalyptic decided environments. Part 2 continues the Epic line.
The weapons are bolder (especially the bazooka is amazing: a shot and four seconds later projectiles fall down on the screaming Locust, precision weapons that you now also with the right shoulder button can use), the cover is slightly more flexible (especially from cover to cover works perfectly.)
Especially since the a.i. works amazing and now some great finishing moves are added to destroy Locust. Shoot them and wait until they fall mouning on the ground. If you're within a few seconds with them, you can use some disgusting finishing moves and make locustshit out of them.
Cover is less holy now, because obstacles can be destroyed ( works good for multiplayer).

This delicious sauce gameplay Epic has added two new ingredients. First, the somewhat platform-like action where you for example in a tank Wakken in the ice or objects that come down, should avoid. This part of me had left may be. They were often times frustrating way where I died. Anyway, I'm drowsy that type of action-reaction shit so you do not pull too much of.
And then there are the more open epic battles. Especially when you are on a number of vehicles,  you have a large open area  where you see dozens of Locust, Brumaks and Breeders walk or fly.
This more open scenes "are not revolutionary in terms of gameplay, but in terms of impact. It shows very graphically how the overall war in which humanity at that time is currently affected. You will see columns and Locust Brumaks marching along and you know it is completely wrong.

Actually, everything I tell you about this game is too much. You should just play it on the couch, and the curtains closed on a large LCD with Dolby Surround. Take a weekend off and I can assure you that you rarely sixty euro as well have spent.
I promise you a big fat ten o'clock bizarre action and then the excellent co-op (check the Horde mode) and the Xbox Live multiplayer which again completely on stilts is set (not checked, because there is nothing to do).
Clifford has a big mouth, he is a thoroughbred arrogant Yank, but he did it again. Gears of War was amazing, but part 2 is way better! 

Get the game if:
- You want to see how a game feels.
- You finally really want to feel emotion during the game. And we do not mean anger because your head is shot off.
- You want to play the game that may put an end to all that casual shit.

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As of: May 6th, 2009

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darkenergy posted 06/06/2016, 02:03
The best Gears of War game in the series.
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nugget posted 09/06/2014, 04:46
Just bought this for 99 cents! At Game traders in Hudson, FL There is no way this game is that bad.
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Nsanity posted 10/02/2013, 11:24
@Aldro That site doesnt include every award, but you already knew that.
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pr3st00 posted 19/01/2013, 07:15
best gears of war of all
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Aldro posted 09/01/2013, 02:45
5 out of 388 sites

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Barozi posted 13/10/2012, 10:47
Gears 3 got 5 GOTY awards:
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