Xbox Believes in Generations of Games That Play and Take Advantage of the Xbox Series X Hardware

Xbox Believes in Generations of Games That Play and Take Advantage of the Xbox Series X Hardware - News

by William D'Angelo , posted on 01 June 2020 / 1,694 Views

Microsoft’s GM of games marketing Aaron Greenberg via Twitter stated the team at Xbox believes current-generation and legacy games should play and take advantage of the innovations in the next generation of consoles. 

"Xbox believes in generations," said Greenberg. "Generations of games that play on latest [hardware] taking advantage of next-gen innovation offering more choice, value & variety than any console launch ever.

"All our Studios titles launch into Game Pass & you get those next-gen game upgrades for free."

Xbox Series X Controller

This statement follows the blog post from team Xbox that their next generation console, the Xbox Series X, will launch with thousands of backwards compatible games that will also be taking advantage of the improved hardware.

The improvements includes games that don't support HDR getting native HDR support, improved loading times due to the SSD, and select titles getting a boost on frames per second from 30 fps to 60 fps or 60 fps to 120 fps.

Head of Xbox Phil Spencer recently said he feels good about their supply chain when it comes to producing the console and he is committed to a worldwide launch of the Xbox Series X in Holiday 2020. The pre-order page for the Xbox Series X recently went live, however, you cannot pre-order it yet. The price and release date were also not listed.

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Rafie (on 29 May 2020)

Wow! This is the type of stuff gamers want to hear. Xbox Series X is looking super attractive right now.

  • -10
method114 (on 30 May 2020)

Hardware looks attractive. I still need games though I don't trust MS anymore when it comes to software. They'll need to show me things have changed.

  • -2
thismeintiel (on 29 May 2020)

Wow, just a few years ago they said they believed in a generationless console market. I guess Sony does point the direction of how the home console market will go.

Jranation (on 29 May 2020)

While Xbox shows they have the best controller so sony have to change theirs.

  • -3
Mr Puggsly (on 30 May 2020)

I think its partly because market is fickle. In the past MS was attacked for abandoning hardware too quickly. Now they get attacked for not doing it fast enough. Now their stance is fuck it, we believe in generations.

  • +7
JRPGfan (on 30 May 2020)

This tweet from Aaron Greenberg was a reactive tweet to the Sony Jim Ryan article, that was out yesterday supposedly. On, where Jim Ryzan said "We have always said that we believe in generations." + "we are thinking that it is time to give the PlayStation community something new, something different, that can really only be enjoyed on PS5."

Trunkin (on 29 May 2020)

Sounds like he's talking about generations in the PC sense more than in the console sense. When Cerny talked about it I got the impression he was leaning more in the direction of a traditional "reset" albeit with BC included.

DialgaMarine (on 30 May 2020)

This is a problem, tbh. It's nice of MS to consider not leaving behind later adopters, but all the same it's far better to start utilizing the hardware from launch. There's no way you could ever convince anyone with sense that games like inFamous: SS and HZD could run on PS3 through just reducing the textures and resolution. People buying a new console should expect new games; not glorified ports.

LudicrousSpeed (on 30 May 2020)

Infamous and HZD could run on PS3 with less graphics demand. See: infamous and infamous 2, numerous Far Cry titles.

Neither Infamous SS nor HZD offering some revolutionary design or feature not possible on previous generations. Furthermore with the case of HZD you're talking a game that came years into the generation, like three years to be exact. Not a launch title.

  • +3
KratosLives (on 30 May 2020)

Just show the dam exclusives already

  • -5
OneTime (on 30 May 2020)

Marketing guy says product's features "are good". Also: water is wet, and the forest is smelly.

Hynad (on 29 May 2020)

Taken straight from Mark Cerny's book.