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by VGChartz Staff , posted on 20 July 2011 / 3,226 Views

Here’s what’s in the news, today, that you should care about.

Prey 2 has a live action trailer featuring developers, which explains the game’s tie-in to the first Prey Quake-Con will feature a presentation on Prey 2 by Game Director Chris Rhinehart at Human Head.

Joystiq tells us that in order for Catherine to have a European release, they need a European publisher. Makes sense I guess. No word yet on why they haven’t talked to Square Enix or South Peak, who have done Atlus’ distributing in the past. Joystiq also got an un-boxing video for the deluxe edition which is called “Love is Over.” It’s not quite as sexy as it sounds.

Mad Catz has Gears of War branded audio products.

Activision granted us a release date for Prototype 2 (April 24, 2012) and a new trailer from inside the San Diego Comic-Con.  Bobby Kotick spoke to Forbes about innovation. Also, Guitar Hero. did an interview today with Robert Bowling at Infinity Ward in which they specifically did not discuss multiplayer. In other Activision news Goldeneye 007: Reloaded is a Wii game enhanced for PS3 and 360.  Activision’s producer James Steeler said that PS3 will get full 1080p while Xbox 360 users will have to settle for 720p.

PlayStation 2 classics Ico and Shadow of the Colossus HD remakes have a release date of September 27. There will also be bonus content in the form of dynamic themes and videos, rumor says, of spiritual successor The Last Guardian. There’s also a video past the link.

Spiritual guru Deepak Chopra’s making a video game by THQ called Leela for the Kinect and Wii which means “Play” in Sanskrit. The game looks very… Enya. Check out screenshots after the link.

Lara Fryer, VP at WB Games says, "It’s very important that you do not become a slave to dogma," in an interview conducted at the Develop conference in Brighton today by GamaSutra.

Looks like the BBC will be ready to roll out their own games as early as next month.

We’ve set this news article far away from the Activision stuff to keep it from fighting, but Respawn won’t have their first game available until probably 2015.

The Darkness 2 has been delayed possibly due to Magic Missile attacks. Originally scheduled for October 4, now it’s February 7.

The entire cast list for an Ultimate version of Marvel vs Capcom 3, which includes 12 new fighters (bringing the total to 50) has been revealed. There’s also gameplay clips here.  It’s also playable at Comic-Con. We also find out that upgrading to the Ultimate version is disc-only, not via downloadable content.

Kotaku reveals it will reveal something on Tuesday. (It’s the Madden ’12 demo. It’s moving ahead a couple of weeks to coincide with the later NFL opening day.)

Here’s kind of a cool article on Video Game music I found at Bitmob.

Minecraft developer Mojang kicked ass at the Develop awards today.

 What other news have you found that others should care about?

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