2012: Our Gaming Memories

2012: Our Gaming Memories - Article

by VGChartz Staff, posted on 02 January 2013 / 2,042 Views

2013 is finally here and I for one am looking ahead to what should be a truly great year in gaming. With titles such as The Last of Us, BioShock: Infinite, Grand Theft Auto V, Ni No Kuni and Beyond: Two Souls coming out this year, there is a lot to look forward too.

Let's not forget about 2012 quite yet though. It has given us a lot of memories - some good and some bad. In one final farewell, we look back and pick our personal favourite, and least favourite, gaming moments from 2012.

Chris Kerr - Copy Editor

Favourite Moment:  Playing Journey for the first time is easily my favourite gaming moment of 2012. I didn’t know what to expect when I sat down to play Journey, and when it delivered one of the most engrossing, poignant and euphoric gaming experiences I’ve ever had, it’s safe to say I was impressed.

Worst Moment:  The moment it hit me just how bad the original Mass Effect 3 ending was. The more I thought about it, the worse it got, and I am still in shock at just how poor the original ending was. Everything about it was terrible, and even though Bioware have tried to right their wrong, I can’t quite get that sour taste out of my mouth.

Tesh  Modi - Writer:

Favourite Moment: My best moments in gaming this year were (oddly, given some of the amazing titles released this year) discovering gems from the past like Lords of Shadow, The Witcher 2 and playing through Mass Effect 1 again.

Worst Moment: The worst thing to happen to me in regards to gaming this year was not just the realization that I simply don't have time to keep up with the latest and greatest titles anymore, but succumbing to this fact and allowing myself to fall behind. Strangely enough, this means my best moments of next year will be much like my best moments this year as I will be discovering the gems of today tomorrow.

Gordon Bryant - Reviewer:

Favourite Moment:  Getting a PlayStation Vita a week before launch and playing Uncharted: Golden Abyss, to see what the handheld was capable of, and knowing that the software offerings will only get better from here on out.

Worst Moment: Beating Final Fantasy XIII-2 and realizing that Square Enix truly has lost touch with its fanbase, only to have that fear rationalized in December when Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII was properly exposed. 

Nick Pantazis – Senior Editor:

Favourite Moment: Beating Spec Ops: The Line. Spec Ops deconstructed the military shooter so thoroughly and savagely that it put me off the genre's juvenile singleplayer campaigns - possibly forever.

Worst Moment: Beating Mass Effect 3 for the first time. My first completion of this game made me sick to my stomach (and I even wrote an article about how bad it was). I ultimately enjoyed the "corrected" endings moderately, but the original ending left a sour taste in my mouth that the franchise will never truly correct, and cost me much respect for Bioware.


Karl Koebke – Editor-in-Chief:

Favourite Moment: My favourite moment would have to be right in the middle part of my playthrough of Atelier Meruru.  The games are far from perfect but the gathering/exploration/alchemy gameplay is right up my alley and when I'm in the middle of the game there's nothing I love more.  I'm currently getting my video game crafting jollies from Guild Wars 2's professions but there's nothing quite like Atelier games to scratch that particular itch of mine.

Worst Moment: Figuring out the amount of back tracking and grinding for ingredients I'd have to do in Record of Agarest War 2 to get a new weapon to hopefully forge through a seemingly impossible boss battle in a game I didn't really enjoy in the first place.

Arthur Kabrick – Copy Editor:

Favourite moment: Air assassinating one of the walkers in Dishonored for the first time, undetected. I love the smoothness of that game's stealth, and it's always enormously satisfying when you can take any enemy down unseen, let alone a five-metre tall one with enormous weapons.

Worst Moment: Watching Assassin's Creed III's ending, and thinking "Wow. I've been waiting three years for this." All the way through, I was thinking "this can't be as bad as everyone is saying", but it was worse. It makes Mass Effect 3's original ending look like a masterpiece in tying up loose ends.

Craig Snow – Editor-in-Chief:

Favourite Moment: DotA 2. I've been hooked on this game all year, and with over 800 hours put into it how could I honestly say anything else? It's the gaming version of crack (not that I've ever been hooked on crack mind you).

Worst Moment: The moment I realised Blizzard had seriously ****ed up Diablo III. Diablo II was my vice for many years - I have so many fond memories of playing this game online, building characters, trading, acquiring wealth, making friends, duelling, and so on. Diablo III was actually enjoyable on the first playthrough, but after a while (just before I hit treble figures in hours played) I wasn't just becoming bored, which in itself was a dreadful realisation given how many hours I put into Diablo II without getting bored, but I was building up a lot of anger and resentment towards Blizzard and the people who made this game.

Kasper Andersen - Reviewer:

Favourite Moment: Finishing Mass Effect 3. Somehow I managed to completely ignore/not care about the things the ending has been criticised for, and simply enjoy the way the game had put the finishing touches on a fantastic trilogy. I loved every minute of playing that game.

Worst Moment: Playing through Warp. About 3/4 of the way into Warp, I was furious with the game, but it seemed like it was at least about to end. Learning that there was actually more I had to go through was excruciating!

Alex St Amour - Reviewer:

Favourite Moment: Definitely the Wii U launch. I'm not talking about the system itself, which is pretty amazing, but the actual in-store launch. A friend and myself waited for hours outside a store, playing with our 3DS', chatting and having a good time. At first we were alone but then more and more people started showing up, each one eager to tell their favourite Nintendo and gaming stories (I actually met another Virtual Boy owner). The icing on the cake was being the first in line to pick up a Wii U, bringing it home and firing up New Super Mario Bros. U.

Worst Moment: Since for the past 6 years the Wii has been my console of choice, 2012 was a pretty slim year for games on Nintendo's white rectangular box. While I did manage to catch up on a lot of titles I never got a chance to finish completely (Donkey Kong Country Returns, New Super Mario  Bros. Wii), there were moments where I was left out in the cold as far as new releases went. Instead I mostly got my gaming fix playing older games, like logging 80+ hours in Advance Wars: Days Of Ruin and hundreds more in World Of Warcraft while waiting for any news on the Wii U launch. Thankfully Xenoblade and The Last Story made the wait a bit more manageable

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