Ethan Meteor Hunter: Platforming, Puzzles & Telekinesis

Ethan Meteor Hunter: Platforming, Puzzles & Telekinesis - Preview

by VGChartz Staff, posted on 28 June 2013 / 1,307 Views

From the word go, it’s clear that like many platformers, Ethan Meteor Hunter won’t be taking itself too seriously. You’ll fill the shoes of the titular Ethan, a mouse hit by a meteor, who finds himself imbued with cosmic telekinetic powers. Ethan must now go on a journey through 3 different worlds, spanning 50 levels, in order to piece together the meteorite that hit him, and the mystery surrounding it. 

Ethan 2

I’ve played through a couple of these levels, and what I’ve found is that Ethan Meteor Hunter is, well... fine. Now, I’d imagine that’s not a word many developers would proudly display on their cover art, but it is what it is, and it certainly isn’t a bad thing. 

Unfortunately there’s a misconception amongst gamers today that if a game isn’t mind-blowingly incredible, or raising bars left, right, and centre, then it isn’t worth picking up. It’s a habit we’ve got into because, quite frankly, we are spoilt as gamers, and whilst there is a lot of quality out on the market, there is still a lot of fun to be had with games that are good, well-rounded experiences.

Ethan Meteor Hunter won’t be raising any bars, or setting any new platforming precedents. What it will do is provide you with an often entertaining, sometimes challenging platforming experience. The platforming aspects have been implemented well, and the inclusion of some interesting telekinetic powers spice things up. For example, using your telekinesis mid-leap you can freeze time and move objects, giving you time to construct a safe landing area. The puzzles I played weren’t hugely challenging, but a small amount of skill was required. If Ethan Meteor Hunter manages to successfully build on these basic foundations, the game might just rise to greatness. 


One thing Ethan Meteor Hunter does do right are controls. Some platformers make you fight against their poorly implemented controls, as well as the in-game challenges. Luckily, Ethan Meteor Hunter keeps things simple and responsive, and the game benefits as a result.  The visuals offer the same sort of no-thrills pleasure. Sure, the graphics on display in this little ol’ platformer might not wow you, but they’re fit for purpose, and allow the game to look good, but more importantly, run well.  

At the moment, Ethan Meteor Hunter looks set to be a solid and entertaining adventure, albeit one that would benefit from a little bit of inspiration. The levels I tackled were enjoyable, if unspectacular platforming fare. Let’s not forget that these are still early days though, and this platformer might yet have an ace up its sleeve. 

Ethan Meteor Hunter is set to launch on PC this summer, and if you’re a fan of platformers big or small, go ahead and stick this one on your radar. 

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