Best Surprise of 2013

Best Surprise of 2013 - Article

by Jake Weston, posted on 06 January 2014 / 4,428 Views

“Best Surprise” seems kind of backhanded when you think about it. It means there was an expectation of these games not being good, which is immediately dismissive of the huge amount of time and effort that was put into all of this year’s nominees. That’s why this is my favorite award to give out; the one that’s a slap in the face to the almost overwhelming negativity we see in the gaming community today. It's a chance to reward excellence not just by being, well, excellent, but for reminding us just how great gaming can be. 



The Nominees Are:

DmC: Devil May Cry

Surprising 2013 - 2  1

Papers, Please

Surprising 2013 - 2  2


Surprising 2013  3

The Stanley Parable

Surprising 2013  1

Tomb Raider

Surprising 2013  4


And the Winner is...

The Stanley Parable

Surprising 2013  1

On its surface, The Stanley Parable is a game where you walk from room to room and listen to a narrator say things. But to distill it to merely that would be a disservice to the monumental artistic achievement that is The Stanley Parable. At once biting satire into modern game design and a psychological probe into why we love to play games in the first place, The Stanley Parable isn’t *just* surprisingly good, it’s an absolute treasure.

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